Random Curves and Surfaces


Save the date for our next Trinity Research Talk, to be delivered by Dr Ewain Gwynne (e2018).


Ewain Gwynne started his Junior Research Fellow in Trinity in 2018. He is originally from Wisconsin. Before coming to Trinity he received his Ph.D in mathematics from MIT, supervised by Scott Sheffield. He resided in Cambridge from Summer 2018 to Spring 2020. As of Fall 2020, Ewain is an associate professor at the University of Chicago, but he retains his affiliation with Trinity. Ewain’s research is in probability theory, with a particular focus on random geometric objects which arise in theoretical physics.


During his time at Trinity, Ewain studied certain random curves and surfaces which are expected to model various real-world phenomena. In this talk, he will give an introduction to the mathematical theory of these random objects, aimed at a general audience with no mathematical or scientific background assumed.

This event will be recorded.