TBCA Distinguished Speaker Series: Tim Davie, CEO BBC Studios


The BBC at a time of seismic change

BBC Studios is the heart of the BBC, the main part of the Corporation’s television production activities.

It is also now the engine room of the Corporation’s transformation in its titanic struggle against viewer exodus to Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services, to which 40% of UK households now subscribe. The haemorrhage of viewers continues, and analysts estimate that all traditional broadcasters combined will account for less than 50% of video viewing by 2026.

In a corner with no choice, the BBC has now decided to fight back, fighting fire with fire. BBC Studios is at the centre of its new strategy and will be producing programmes, such as the 2016 mini-series ‘War and Peace’, no longer just for BBC channels but for global players. Merging with BBC Worldwide to sell internationally, the goal is of the combined entity becoming a global media company like Netflix. But, does becoming more commercially orientated undermine the rationale of the licence fee?

At the centre of this revolution is Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Studios. This evening he will discuss these seismic changes, and the gamble of the BBC transformation.

The conversation with Tim Davie will be followed by a Q&A and reception.



6:45 pm


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Drinks Reception

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