TBCA Distinguished Speaker Series: Simon Fox, Chief Executive, Trinity Mirror Group, 25 January



Simon Fox (Chief Executive of Trinity Mirror Group, formerly Chief Executive of HMV)

Words vs Music

“A contrast in the transformative effect of the internet on the endgame” 

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Will newspapers survive?  Circulations are declining and losses growing as readers turn to the internet, with an ocean of free content.   Whilst the old players try and reinvent themselves, with their heavy fixed cost base of payroll journalists designed for another era, leaner new forms of news providers and aggregators are developing, designed for an internet world.

One man has a sense of déjà vu. Before entering newspapers, Simon Fox was chief executive of HMV.  The music world has been transformed by the internet, and provides many interesting insights for where the written word may go. Downloads now dwarf CD sales, and artists can bypass publishers.   Will the endgames in words and music be similar?

In this evening’s conversation, Simon Fox discusses these issues and the pivotal role played by reader “trust” in the business of news.

Start 6:15 pm.  Venue: Gresham College, Holborn

Tickets: £25 per person.

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