TBCA Distinguished Speaker Series: Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive of BT: “Pulling off bold strategic gambits in a large company”


Large companies are not known for their ability to make bold strategic gambits. But in the three years he has been in charge, BT Chief Executive Gavin Patterson has turned this received wisdom on its head:

Gavin Patterson
Gavin Patterson

Entry of a telco into television was never going to be an uncontroversial move.  Yet, leveraging BT’s expertise to use the internet to compete with broadcast television, Patterson not only took BT into television but shook up the market for the first time, particularly around Premier League football.

Fiber optics

Rolling out fibre optic broadband in record time for all service providers  also means that more households in the UK are using superfast broadband than in Germany, France, Italy or Spain.

The acquisition of EE has regained mobile capability for BT, and together with television rendered it a quadruple play, leapfrogging most competitors.

BT soccer image

In this conversation, Gavin talks about BT’s transformation and his views on leading a FTSE top 100 business.

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