TBCA Distinguished Speaker Series: Rob Hattrell, Head of eBay UK


eBay: The World’s Marketplace

eBay needs no introduction. The world’s largest online marketplace has over one billion items for sale at any one time, and 25 million sellers.

As a result, it has gained the reputation of being the place where almost any item, however obscure or no longer in production, can be found.

The business was created almost by accident. One September afternoon in 1995 in San Jose, Pierre Obidyar decided to include an auction section as a small add-on to his main website, with modest expectations. He wrote the code for it over one weekend.

From such inauspicious beginnings has grown an internet titan. eBay now faces challenges from all sides, including the massive Alibaba. Rob Hatterell, Head of eBay UK, will discuss the company’s approach, and the challenges it now faces. The conversation will be followed by Q&A, and a drinks reception.


Please note that this event has reached its capacity and tickets are no longer available. For further information please email alumni-events@trin.cam.ac.uk


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Drinks Reception

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