Trinity Engineers Autumn Meeting


The Michaelmas TEA meeting starts with our Mentoring Session where you will have the opportunity to meet current Trinity Engineering students; to answer their questions; give guidance; and provide advice.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with insight to careers in engineering from some of our most recent graduates, George Gordon (2009), Mariana Domingos (2009), Ho-On To (2006), Damian Jamroz (2010), Jonny Gibbons (2006) and Amanda Talhat (2006).

Dinner will then be served with the opportunity to continue to network and chat.


After completing his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Auckland, George Gordon came to Trinity to begin his Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering in 2009.  During this time he developed a new digital holographic technology for increasing data capacity of optical fibres.  This work led to him receiving a 3-year stipendiary research fellowship from St. Edmund’s College.  This fellowship offered him the opportunity to adapt this technology to a new problem: better detection of early-stage oesophageal cancer.  He now leads several multidisciplinary projects developing novel optical endoscopes for improved detection of oesophageal cancer.

Mariana completed her undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Porto. She went on to complete her Masters at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, where she worked in the field of catalysis.

Trinity Undergraduate in Engineering 2006-10. Trinity PhD in Compressor Aerodynamics 2010-16 during which time won the worldwide best compressor paper award in 2015. Postdoctoral researcher since May 2016 transferring knowledge from PhD into Rolls-Royce (based between Cambridge and Rolls-Royce Derby)

Damian was matriculated in 2010 and graduated with MEng in Aerospace & Aerothermal Engineering from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Since 2014, Damian has been working as Consultant in the Performance Improvement Division of the Polish branch of EY in Warsaw, focusing mainly on R&D and innovation with a special emphasis on energy sector and private-public partnerships. His latest project for an international P&U player resulted in decision to enter Polish ESCO market both by acquisitions and utilization of the organic growth potential. Damian works now on the implementation of the strategy, utilizing his network in public and private sectors. Thanks to his involvement, Innovations Management team grew from 2 people in 2014 to over 10 now. Apart from consulting career, Damian is a serial entrepreneur, actively involved in the Polish start-up scene. His consulting start-up Qbicdots provides acceleration methodologies to industrial Clients through EY’s network. Currently, he is responsible for business development in Molecule One, which offers software designing the synthetic pathway for its Clients, making it possible to design cheaper ways to synthesize chemicals and introduce them quicker to the market. Damian specializes in strategic management, financial engineering and business development, actively looking for new projects which can utilize his experience.

Jonny Gibbons is an Associate at Imperial Innovations, a company that manages the commercialisation of technology from Imperial College London.

Amanda completed her undergraduate in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at the University of Cambridge in 2010. She then switched over to Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology for her PhD at Cambridge and studied cocoa butter crystallisation in collaboration with Nestlé PTC York. Upon finishing her PhD in 2014, she joined Cambridge Consultants as a Technology Analyst in the Strategy, Innovation and Process Group. She later transferred to the Analytical Engineering Group to help build the Applied Chemistry capability of the division. Amanda joined PepsiCo in 2016 as a Laboratory Section Leader and has since helped grow the internal Physical Characterisation capability of the Analytical Team. As of January 2017, she has transferred to the Food Structure & Ingredient Sciences to focus on leading development of novel processes & product designs solutions to meet the needs of developing & emerging markets for future product launches.


The Masters Lodge

The Master’s Lodge is located opposite the Great Gate. Originally built in Elizabethan times, it was substantially altered and enlarged during Neville’s time as Master, then by Bentley (who built a notoriously expensive staircase), then re-altered by William Whewell (Master 1841-1866) and extended further under Montagu Butler (Master 1886-1918).

The Lodge features a Tudor drawing room, with a gold embossed ceiling and an ornamented fireplace showing the arms of Queen Elizabeth.