Trinity Engineers Association, Career Insights Evening – Saturday 21 October 2017


The Michaelmas TEA meeting in College starts with our Mentoring Session where you will have the opportunity to meet current Trinity Engineering students, to answer their questions, offer guidance, and provide advice.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with insight to careers in engineering from some of our most recent graduates, Andrew Brown (2005) Head of Corporate Affairs at Transport for London, Jessica Fleminger (2005) Medical Student, Steve Hardingson (2008) Software Engineer at Hawk-Eye Innovations and Tibet Fonteyne (2010) Product Manager at Blackdot Solutions, previously Race Strategist for Mercedes Formula One Team.



Andy graduated from Trinity College in 2009 and joined Transport for London on their engineering graduate programme in London Underground. He is now a Chartered Engineer and through his time at TfL has worked on everything from railway capital projects and transport strategy through to some of the most politically charged projects such as the Garden Bridge and proposals for a new airport in the Thames Estuary. As Head of Corporate Affairs, Andy is responsible for ensuring TfL’s strategic decision making runs smoothly and keeping the organisation’s work aligned with the Mayor’s priorities.

Jessica Fleminger is a third-year graduate-entry medical student at Worcester College, Oxford. She holds a first-class BA and MEng in Engineering from Trinity College, Cambridge, and spent five years working in finance (Arma Partners, Citigroup) before turning to medicine. Before moving to Oxford, Jessica spent a year working as a research assistant in Imperial’s Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory. She is also currently working part-time with the EBM DataLab in Oxford’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. She is an aspiring sceptic, scientist and stoic, and hopes to focus her medical career on preventative medicine and population health.

Since graduating in 2012 I’ve been working at Hawk-Eye Innovations as a Software Engineer, where I’m now the Technical Lead of a team of 9 engineers. My team is responsible for Hawk-Eye’s Synchonised Multi-Angle Replay Technology (SMART) which includes products for video refereeing in Football, Rugby, Hockey, Baseball & multiple Olympic sports, as well as automated TV production of Tennis using cameras on robotic heads that follow the play.

Having worked hard to line himself up for a career in Formula One, Tibet graduated in Aerospace Engineering from Trinity in 2014 taking a job at the Mercedes Formula One Team as a Race Strategist. Two packed years in Formula One later, he decided to pivot his career. After two months on a motorbike in South America, he is now a Product Manager at Blackdot Solutions, a Cambridge Software start-up working in the intelligence business.

Guest List


4:30 pm

Registration with Tea and Coffee

5:00 pm

Mentoring Session

5:45 pm

Panel Discussion

6:45 pm

Drinks Reception

7:15 pm

Dinner in the Old Kitchen

9:00 pm



The Masters Lodge

The Master’s Lodge is located opposite the Great Gate. Originally built in Elizabethan times, it was substantially altered and enlarged during Neville’s time as Master, then by Bentley (who built a notoriously expensive staircase), then re-altered by William Whewell (Master 1841-1866) and extended further under Montagu Butler (Master 1886-1918).

The Lodge features a Tudor drawing room, with a gold embossed ceiling and an ornamented fireplace showing the arms of Queen Elizabeth.