Event Category: Admissions

Biology and Medicine Residential

This residential will cover a range of biology-based courses, including Medicine, Psychological & Behavioural Sciences (PBS), and Biological Natural Sciences.  The programme will run from Sunday 22 July to Tuesday 24 July 2018, during which time you'll attend lectures and classes, taught by Cambridge academics, in a wide variety of different subjects.  Please visit https://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/access/biologyresidential2018/ for further details.

Women in STEM Residential

This residential is open to women and non-binary students who are interested in studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Computer Science at a top university.  The programme will run from Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd August 2018, during which time you’ll attend lectures and classes, taught by Cambridge academics, in a wide variety of different subjects, as well as visiting various university departments, and gaining an insight into Cambridge’s unique teaching style.