Event Category: Alumni

Trinity Law Association Autumn Meeting

The theme for the panel discussion, chaired by (Mrs Justice) Sue Carr (1983), will be Gender Diversity in the Legal Professions.  The alumnae panellists, drawn from differing branches of the profession and levels of seniority, will reflect on what has and has not been achieved since they were at Trinity, and will discuss some of the latest initiatives and issues around diversity in the legal world.  Together with the panel, we will explore such questions as: Why has only one woman reached our Supreme Court, and does it matter?  How are and how should firms and chambers be dealing with the challenge of gender targets (including the gender pay gap)? How can we achieve the right work/life balance for working parents and carers (of whatever gender and relationship status), and what are firms and chambers doing to facilitate this?

Remembrance Sunday Service & Luncheon

Remembrance Sunday service in Chapel including the act of Remembrance followed by pre-lunch drinks in the Master's Lodge and lunch in the Old Kitchen.  This event is open to all Trinity members who serve or have served in the Forces.  Invitations are sent out to those members of the military, who we are aware of, and those who matriculated in the 1930s and the 1940s. if you would like to receive an invitation but have not done so in the past, please contact the alumni office on alumni-events@trin.cam.ac.uk or call 01223 761452.