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Lower Library Map
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Reading Room Map

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College Library

The College Library is comprised of the Reading Room, located on the first floor and the Lower Library, located on the ground floor.

The Lower Library collection continues in the Basement, located through a door in the corridor connecting the Issue Desk area to the Lower Library. Other key areas include the Issue Desk and Catalogue Room, both located on the ground floor just within the library entrance.

For access to items in the reserved section of the basement and in the Wren Library, please speak to a member of staff.

Law Reading Room

The bulk of the law collection is held in a separate Law Reading Room, located in F Bishop’s Hostel. It is open 24 hours a day to members of the College reading Law and you will need your college card coded to operate the card-lock. The books and journals shelved here are for reference only. Please re-shelve books after use.

Books may only be removed from the Law Reading Room for photocopying in the Student Library. Please complete the required details in the Photocopying Book and return the book or journal immediately after making the copies.

There may be books of interest to you in the main part of the College Library, especially the collection on Land Law at LL 497. Earlier issues of some periodicals are kept in the “RESERVE (C)” locked section of the Basement Store and will need to be fetched by a member of staff. These may be borrowed.

Wren Library

A number of extra desks are added to the Wren Library each Easter Term for additional work space. Food, drink or bags of any kind are not allowed at these desks and access to the Bays in the Wren is strictly forbidden. Please note that there are no power points at these desks.


For any special requirements, please contact the sub-librarian. For more guidance on access and assistance that can be offered by the College, please see the University’s Disability Resource Centre website.

College Library – One step down to ground floor. Temporary ramp available. Carpeted and smooth, but with narrow aisles. The Reading Room is up a flight of stairs with handrails. The library is always staffed when open, and staff will fetch books if needed. Library guides and notices are large, and printed on cream paper. Only one desk with extra lighting (in the Lower Library).

Wren Library – Up a large flight of stairs with handrail. No lift can be installed. Spacious and smooth floors. Magnifying glasses available.