Work on the Crewe Collection

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Soon after Crewe books arrived at Trinity, the Library’s cataloguers and digitisation specialists began working on the Collection, in order to make its treasures available to the general public.


A few select items of special interest were digitised at the start:

More digitised books from the Crewe Collection can be found in the Wren Digital Library (classmark: Crewe).


3,804 bibliographic records have been created since January 2016, and the number is growing every day. All books catalogued so far can be found on the Library catalogue (search by classmark: Crewe). The most precious and rare items were catalogued first. Cataloguers then started working on books in French, and have now moved on to books in English and Italian.

Found something in the catalogue that you would like to consult? To access the Collection, scholars need to make an appointment and book a reader’s place in the Wren Library.


Several posts regarding the Crewe Collection have been published on our blog since 2016. They span from digitised books to conservation work, items currently being exhibited in the Wren Library, and general information regarding the Collection.


Select items from the collection are also always on display in the Wren Library, which is open to the public Monday to Friday between 12 and 2 (last admission: 1.50), and Saturdays in full term between 10.30 and 12.30 (last admission: 12.20).