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First pedal-paddled punt on the Cam

Free Thought

When Trinity Fellow Dr Hugh Hunt advertised the unusual project for Part IIB of the Engineering Tripos, he didn’t expect anyone to take up the challenge – let alone pedal-paddle forth on the Cam this summer. But one engineering student, in collaboration with Trinity’s puntmen, proved him wrong. Dr Hunt explains: The idea of a pedal-powered punt was first mooted in 2014 by Trinity Fellow Professor Mike Proctor, now Provost at King’s. His initial idea was a solar-powered punt – or something very eco. After discussing over dinner one night, we decided to put it forward as a final year engineering project in 2015.

Calling ALL voters


Whichever way you do it, just vote! Trinity's Senior Tutor, Professor Catherine Barnard explains the importance of young people voting in the forthcoming referendum on Britain's continued membership of the EU.

‘Sometimes in an archive you realise you’ve hit gold and want to run about in excitement’


Dominic Lieven on researching pre-1914 Russia and winning the Pushkin House Prize It nearly ruined his eyesight but Professor Dominic Lieven was determined to complete his research in Moscow’s crumbling archives. His efforts were rewarded with the 2016 Pushkin House Russian Book Prize for Towards the Flame. Empire, War and the end of Tsarist Russia (Penguin).