Graduate Life at Trinity

Graduate education at Cambridge is arranged by the student’s Faculty and not (as with undergraduates) by the College. Nonetheless, there are plenty of opportunities for intellectual stimulation available within the College. Trinity is concerned to give its graduates a real sense of academic (as well as social and pastoral) affiliation with the College. It fosters academic contacts between its Fellows and graduate students at the College, by means of the College Contacts scheme, through graduate dinners and social events, and through College-based academic societies. Trinity has also established a number of international programmes for which graduate members of the College can apply. For further information see: International Exchange Programmes.

Each graduate student in Trinity studying towards a PhD has a College Contact. This is a Fellow of Trinity who is neither the student’s Supervisor nor Tutor but whose own area of expertise is closely matched to the graduate student’s field of study. The role of the Contact is not to usurp the role of the departmental graduate Supervisor in any way but he or she can provide a useful further academic link within the College environment.

Informal lunches, attended by Fellows and graduate students of the College, are organised termly to give students the opportunity to share their research interests with others. The focus each term is on a different group of disciplines. These events provide an excellent opportunity for graduate students to develop both their social and academic networks.

The interests of graduate members of Trinity are largely looked after by the College BA Society. Its Committee plays an integral role in helping to welcome new graduate members of the College and arrange numerous events throughout the year, including the popular weekly BA Dinners. The Society also serves a role in representing the views of its members across a range of College Committees. For further information see: Trinity College BA Society.

Trinity aims to provide accommodation in College for all new students, whether starting on an undergraduate or a graduate course. Where possible, graduate students new to Trinity are offered College owned accommodation during their first 3 years of their course, but they are not obliged to live in College accommodation and may find accommodation on the private market if preferred. The College has a number of flats for couples/families but allocation is subject to availability, which varies each academic year. Detailed information can be found on the Accommodation Office webpages.