A-Level and Pre-U Offers for the 2018-19 Admissions Round

For those applying for entry in October 2019, Trinity’s typical A-level offers will be A*AA in the Arts and A*A*A in the Sciences.  A* grades will be required in subjects relevant to an applicant’s proposed Cambridge course, but the majority of our offers will not require that the A*s be achieved in specific subjects.  The average number of A* grades achieved by successful applicants to Trinity in general last year was 3, so post-A-level applicants should be aware that to be competitive they would normally need an A* in at least two subjects for the Arts and three subjects for the Sciences.  For applicants taking Pre-U examinations, a D2 mark will be treated roughly as equivalent to an A* at A-level.

In Mathematics, applicants will normally be asked to achieve A* grades in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.  The typical offers may be varied in some individual cases.