Applying to Study Law at Trinity College

In Cambridge you apply to a College if you want to be an undergraduate; you do not apply to the University itself, or to a particular Faculty. Typically, applicants to study Law at Trinity apply for the full three years of the Law Tripos, but we also welcome applications from those who have already completed a degree elsewhere and wish to read Law in two years as what is known as an “€œaffiliated student”. We also have some students join Law from other subjects within Cambridge; like affiliated students, they usually do Law in two years, but are known as “€œchange-over”€ students. It all means that we have a diverse and lively group of students.
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Bear in mind that Law courses around the country and the world differ greatly, so being interested in how the Law course at the institutions you apply to works may help you make the right decisions. For instance, some courses have more compulsory subjects than the basic seven foundational ones and this means fewer optional subjects that you can fit in. Some courses have the chance to write a dissertation instead of take an exam in your final year or feature continual assessment rather than solely exams at the end of each year.

Do consider these differences. If you think Cambridge is right for you, we recommend that you visit if you can. Trinity has a number of Open Days for Arts and Humanities subjects like Law, as well as a dedicated Law Residential

If you want to find out more about the role of the Faculty in your law degree, as well as more general information about the course, go to the Faculty’s BA mini site. To find out more about applying to Cambridge more generally, have a look at the Cambridge Admissions Office website.

 The Faculty of Law

The following three pages give you more insight into the application process: