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Terms and Conditions for the Use of the College Computer Network

  1. 1. Connection of wired or wireless networking devices, extenders, repeaters, hubs, switches or routers to the College wired or wireless network, including WiFi enabled Printers, is not permitted.
  2. 2. Disguising a true identity on the network (spoofing) is strictly prohibited, e.g. Mac Address, user identification, etc.
  3. 3.The College reserves the right to disable any network connection while investigating suspected non-compliance with the TCDN/UDN rules and policies. The IT Office will re-enable the network connection when the problem has been resolved satisfactorily. Each user is responsible for all use of their assigned network connections.
  4. 4.The College reserves the right to implement network traffic quotas if and when appropriate to ensure the best network performance available for all users.
  5. 5.All personally owned devices must be secured against being used by anyone other than the registered user, such as using password or pin protection to log into networked devices.
  6. 6.It is the responsibility of the user to keep networked devices secure against attack. Any operating system(s) must be kept up-to-date with all the recommended patches, service packs, etc.
  7. 7.All users must ensure they have anti-virus software installed and that it is active on their devices while connected to the network. Every effort must be made to keep anti-virus software on networked devices updated. Free anti-virus software for some devices are available for members of the University. See
  8. 8.Each networked device must be registered on the network and will be automatically provided with IP(s) via DHCP from a TCDN access point.
  9. 9.Users will need to justify the need for any more than five wired and five wireless total registered devices at any time. This justification will need to be academically related. Approval will be subject to availability on the network without causing the performance to be affected.
  10. 10.Publicly addressable servers on the network, e.g. Web, FTP, NNTP, etc. are not allowed.
  11. 11.All users must comply with the following:
    1. a. Trinity Network Policy:
    2. b. Trinity Network Monitoring Policy:
    3. c. University of Cambridge Network Policy:
    4. d.University of Cambridge – Use and Misuse of Computing Facilities Policy
    5. e. Janet Acceptable Use Policy :
    6. f. Further Janet Network and Technology Policies

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in disconnection from the network and disciplinary proceedings. Your Tutor or Sponsor will be notified in all cases of network disconnection.

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