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1546 Society

1546 Society members are part of an important global community of alumni and friends, from 26 countries, who support the College.

What distinguishes the Society’s members from other supporters are the level and duration of their gifts. Alumni who graduated more than 10 years ago are encouraged to make a regular gift of £15.46 per month, or £185.52 per year. For those who have graduated within the last 10 years, we ask you to consider a gift of £15.46 per quarter, or £5.15 per month.

Gifts of this kind make an immediate difference to the lives of Trinity students. It takes only 16 people giving £15.46 a month, with Gift Aid, to fund an undergraduate bursary of £3,500 for a year. With increasing financial pressures faced by students every year, this kind of assistance is ever more in demand.

As a member of the 1546 Society, and in recognition of your gift, you will receive a donor pin, have your name included in our annual list of donors, and you will be invited to a special reception in College.

To join the 1546 Society, please click here.

For more information, get in touch with our Annual Fund Officer, Farah Elaboudy (

Why I Give… by Charles Agbuduwe (2013)

“Donating to Trinity is my way of giving back to an institution that was incredibly supportive to me. The generosity of alumni ensures that the College continues to attract the best brains from around the world. Therefore, investing in its future is something to which we must all be committed, and I am thrilled to show my appreciation by being a part of the 1546 Society. I do hope that by reading this, you too will join me in supporting our college.”

Clock Tower Circle

Celebrating Leadership Giving at Trinity College Cambridge

The College established the Clock Tower Circle to recognise and thank those who give over £1,000 annually and so provide vital funding for Trinity’s priorities including student support, access and outreach, and research. Lifetime membership of the Clock Tower Circle is awarded to those donors who have given more than £25,000.

In appreciation of their generosity, Clock Tower Circle members receive a donor pin, are recognised in the Annual Report, and receive an invitation to a special reception with the Master and Fellows.

To join the Clock Tower Circle, please click here.

Why I Joined The Clock Tower Circle… by Amna Hadziabdic (2004)

“I was a recipient of a Trinity bursary during my undergraduate years, which enabled me to study at the College. I hope a lot of other people will be given this great opportunity too, and this is why I decided to give back.

Student finances today look very different compared to my college time – all Cambridge undergraduates now face tuition fees of £9,000 per year, which only overseas students like me needed to pay at the time. Indeed, there are still not enough students from state schools – especially from lower income families – applying to university. If the College is to remain truly ‘needs blind’, bursaries are critical in helping it to provide the same levels of resources and support to undergraduates that students from more privileged backgrounds receive.

Furthermore, if Trinity is to continue attracting the best students from the around the world, bursaries are an essential part of the College’s appeal as they allow undergraduates to enjoy all that Trinity has to offer without worrying about their financial circumstances. Without such a bursary I wouldn’t have been able to attend Trinity, so I am delighted to now be in a position to support the future of the College by funding undergraduate bursaries.”

Tax-efficient Giving for Members

If you are a UK 40% taxpayer, you are entitled to reclaim the difference between basic and higher-rate tax on your donation. This means that a gift of £1,000 per year to Trinity College would amount to £1,250, including Gift Aid, for the College, but cost you only £750. If you are a higher rate taxpayer, please ensure that you claim that margin on your own tax return. The Alumni Relations & Development Office will gladly provide guidance on this matter if required.

King’s Hall Circle

In honour of the 700th anniversary of the founding of King’s Hall by Edward II in 1317, the King’s Hall Circle was launched in 2017 to celebrate some of Trinity’s most generous supporters.

Each of the Circle’s 34 members have given their support to an array of College initiatives, from the innovative and individual to key Trinity priorities including advancing global understanding through ground-breaking research.

Fellow Benefactors

Trinity also has 14 Fellow Benefactors, who are recognised for their outstanding support of the College and its mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of world leading education.

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