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The 6 new positions have now been allocated so the scheme is now closed pending the completion of the relevant appointments.


The College was considering whether the scheme should be discontinued in which case, posts under the existing scheme would need to be approved by 1st October 2018 and normally filled by 1st October 2019 or they would lapse. The College has now recommended that the Scheme continue for the time being, but without increasing the funding already agreed, and to reallocate the remaining funding towards 6 new positions to be filled on a first-come-first-served basis (determined by the date of the first advertisement for the position) rather than as previously allocated.

The terms and conditions of the scheme remain unchanged, except that the Trinity maximum subvention which is currently £35k for two years, £25k for the next three, and £15k for the remaining 5 years, would be increased to £45k for the first two, £30k for the next three and £20k for the remaining 5 years.

The College looks forward to receiving new applications, including from Colleges that may have already used up their maximum original quota.

1st October 2018

The Trinity Scheme for Joint Lectureships (TSJL) was established in March 2011. Click on the links below to view the full details of the scheme, a list of contacts and a schedule setting out the take-up and vacancies by College.

In July 2015 a further 8 positions were allocated to Colleges who are recent beneficiaries of the Colleges Fund. To date 31 positions out of a possible 38 have been approved under the scheme: 9 in Arts and Humanities, 11 in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4 in Physical Sciences, 2 in Political Sciences and 5 in Biological Sciences (see the Schedule for further details).

The College conducts an annual review of the Scheme and participants are asked for feedback. Appointments have been made to a wide range of subjects and those Colleges and Departments who have appointed Joint Lecturers have expressed satisfaction with the scheme.

The examples included in the details of the scheme are not prescriptive and potential partners are encouraged to use the provisions of the Scheme flexibly. More than one college partner may be involved in a single bid, though for purposes of administration it would be preferable for just one to act as lead in providing a single point of contact for the Department.

General enquiries about the scheme may be directed to the Finance Secretary, Trinity College (Dr Jeremy Fairbrother,

Enquiries relating to appointments and processes leading to the establishment of posts may be directed to the Planning and Resource Allocation Office (Dr Faisal Moolla,

Rory Landman
July 2018

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