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Trinity College Outreach

Trinity College works with schools, charities and community groups to support futures in higher education. All our programmes are free and designed for students who are unfamiliar with Cambridge.

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Bioscience Residential

For students interested in studying biosciences or psychology at university and who want to find our what it is like to study at Cambridge. You will soon be able to apply for our residential and taster day events…

12 July Taster Day, 13-14 August Residential

Trinity College Summer Humanities Residential Programme

Like the sound of being taught by Trinity College academics and meeting current students? Our humanities residential involves four days of teaching and support writing a university-style essay…

Date: 30th – 31st July

Humanities Taster Day 2024

Trinity College Humanities Taster Day 2024 Home | Access Pages | Outreach Home Applications will soon be open for a free of charge subject taster day hosted at Trinity College…


Engineering, sustainability and multidisciplinary teams

Daisy started studying engineering with an interest in renewable energy. She discusses her course, being a multiskilled engineer, and finding friendship groups in College. If you are considering studying engineering at university, or deciding whether to take further Maths at A-Level, this is our student guide.


About us

We promote access to higher education for young people. Whether you’re a school student thinking of applying to Cambridge or just starting to consider university, a parent, teacher, community leader, or charity worker, you’ve come to the right place.

Please explore our outreach programmes and events to see if there is something right for you. You may also want to view an example interview, admissions information, reflections on student life from our current students, or to visit our partnerships page which details how we work with wider educational organisations.

Why Outreach?

The University of Cambridge is a place for you if you have passion and ability in your subject, regardless of where you live or your background. As a Cambridge College, we have a responsibility to ensure knowledge of higher education and support preparing for university is accessible to all young people, and especially those you cannot access this otherwise. 

Our outreach programmes and Open Days aim to give potential students a realistic and genuine insight into what life at Cambridge and Trinity is like, and what it is like to apply. 

Overall, we aim to make higher education more accessible and inclusive. Please get in touch with us or sign up to our newsletters to hear more.

SLOs 2024

Trinity’s Schools Liaison Officers are the first points of contact for schools, especially those whose students and staff have limited experience of Cambridge admissions. Our Schools Liaison Officers are responsible for delivering Trinity’s outreach events and programmes. You will meet them during visits to the College or on webinars.

Amber Silk

Amber Silk is our Outreach Coordinator who oversees the College’s partnerships and impact. Before joining the team, Amber taught in a secondary school and is committed to widening access for students of all backgrounds. Amber oversees the College’s Outreach strategy, organisational partnerships and programmes, and is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of our work. You may wish to get in touch with Amber if you work in the education or charity sectors and are interested in partnering with Trinity.

Stacey Smith

Stacey Smith is Trinity’s Admissions Administrator. A longstanding member of the team, Stacey processes UCAS applications, hosts Open Days, organises undergraduate interviews, and is often the first person to speak to anyone who contacts the College with queries about admissions. Stacey looks after applicants and offer holders and shares important information which guides students through this process.

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We keep teachers, parents, HE advisers and students up-to-date on programmes, events, the latest admissions news, and resources for students and teachers. We include useful advice on applying to university, plus details of upcoming events and other handy resources from Trinity and the wider University.

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