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The Clark lectures focus on English Literature topics.

Upcoming Clark Lectures

A voice of the lyric?

Denise Riley

The Trinity College Clark Lectures this year will be delivered by Denise Riley

Lectures (at 4pm)

Tuesday 5 March                    The ‘inhuman’ aspect of lyric poetry

Thursday 7 March                  The impersonal personal

Tuesday 12 March                  Something there is that talks within

Thursday 14 March                On the ‘voice of the poem’


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Lectures Available Online

Clark Lectures, 2023: Robert Pogue Harrison: THRESHOLDS

9 May              The Thin Blue Line (Available to watch here)

11 May            Mysteries of the Phainosphere (Available to watch here)

16 May            Tellurian Symbols (Available to watch here)

18 May            On Separation (Available to watch here)

Clark Lectures, 2022: Simon Armitage

3 March     Paper Aeroplane and other inner journeys

10 March   Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic and other outings


Rita Felski (John Stewart Bryan Professor of English, University of Virginia, and Niels Bohr Professor, University of Southern Denmark), presented this year’s Clark Lectures on Thursdays 18 February, and 4, 11 and 18 March, at 5pm (UK time), via Zoom webinar.


18 February      Remix     (Available to watch here)

  4 March            On Recognition: Returning to Reims (Available to watch here)

11 March            On Disclosure: Robert Walser (Available to watch here)

18 March            On Resonance: Stoner and Theory

1. Remix: On Literature and Theory

2. On Recognition: Returning to Reims

3. On Disclosure: Robert Walser

The Clark Lectures 2019: Unmodernism – Professor Andrew Cole

Professor Andrew Cole, Director of the Gauss Seminars in Criticism at Princeton, will give the Clark Lectures 2019 at Trinity.

Professor Andrew Cole is a theorist and medievalist who directs the Gauss Seminars in Criticism at Princeton. The Middle Ages are a primary interest for Professor Cole whose most recent book is The Birth of Theory (Chicago, 2014). He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College at the University of Oxford, and a Bloomfield Fellow at Harvard University.

Unmodernism – Hegel In The Cathedral Lecture 1

Seminar 1: Substance of Thought

Marx After Feudalism Lecture 2

Seminar 2: Forms of Theory

Past Clark Lectures

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