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Congregation Dates for the remainder of the Academic Year 2023-24

Please note there is a maximum of two guests allowed per graduand, with the possibility of applying to be placed on a waiting list for one additional ticket if available.

The most up-to-date information regarding the dates and format of graduation ceremonies at Senate House can be found on the University’s website, but please be aware that not all dates advertised are available to Trinity College graduands:

Trinity College students or Alumni who are eligible to receive or celebrate degrees may do so on the following dates:

Easter Term and Long Vacation 2024

  • Saturday, 27 April, 10am – in person or in absence – all degrees available
  • Saturday 18 May, 10am (main MA Congregation, matriculation year 2017). In the event of a high demand for this date, priority  will be given to newly eligible MA graduands.

General Admission 2024

BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees only.

  • Wednesday, 26 June, 10am

Long Vacation 2024

  • Thursday, 18 July, 10am – in person or in absence – all degrees available

Michaelmas Term 2024

  • Friday 25 October, 10am – in person or in absence  – all degrees available [Numbers will be limited]
  • Saturday, 30 November, 10am – in person or in absence – all degrees available

Online registration for congregations opens around 8 weeks before the date of each congregation.

Celebrating a Degree Previously Conferred in Absence

If, as a result of the suspension of in person Congregations and/or the exclusion of guests from Senate House you have had a degree conferred in absence between March 2020 and March 2022, there is now an opportunity for you to have that degree formally acknowledged and celebrated in person at the Senate House.

You will attend a Congregation in the same way that you would have attended one to have your degree conferred and will celebrate your degree with exactly the same level of formality as if it were being conferred on you for the first time. The only tangible difference is that you will not have your degree certificate presented to you at Senate House. You may already have received your degree certificate, or it may be presented to you at the celebration event at College on the day.

Please contact the Praelector’s Assistant via email on for more information about attending a Congregation to celebrate your degree.

Full in-person ceremonies with guests at Senate House resumed in April 2022, so from this date forward it is no longer possible for anyone choosing to have a degree conferred in absence to subsequently have that degree celebrated in person.

Conferral of the Cambridge MA Degree

Any student who graduated with a BA is entitled to take the Master of Arts Degree, six years and one term after they matriculated, provided that at least two years have passed since their BA Degree was awarded. The MA can be taken in person or in absence on one of the Congregation dates listed. Anyone taking a higher degree should check with the Praelector’s Assistant ( for the precise arrangements that apply to their specific circumstances.

Please ensure that you keep in touch and keep your contact details up-to-date with us so that it is easy for us to get in touch at the appropriate time.

Celebrations in College

Anyone attending a University Congregation in order to have a degree conferred or formally celebrated in person may invite a maximum of two guests to a lunch in College on the day of graduation.

In addition, if you are going to be in Cambridge on the evening before degree day, the College would be delighted if you would dine in College as the guest of the Praelector.

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