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Telephone Campaign 2022

Trinity is currently preparing to run its Easter Telethon. From 22 March to 7 April, a group of dedicated student callers will be speaking to alumni all over the world, sharing their experiences at Trinity, updating alumni on what the College is like during a pandemic, as well as asking for support for the College.

Last September alumni pledged a fantastic £329,000 meaning that Trinity is able to provide more funding for students, and the College’s Widening Participation programmes, as well as for the Choir and the First and Third Trinity Boat Club.

We look forward to speaking with you soon. If you would prefer not to receive a call, please contact Phoebe Harris on [email protected] or call +44 (0)1223 338548.

Meet the callers

Akira Nguyen

My name is Akira and I am a second year engineer at Trinity. I have been involved in the Cambridge-wide Vietnamese society, acting as Secretary, and within Trinity, an Ambassador and Mentor for Access opportunities. This will be my first time as a Telethon caller and I am excited to get the chance to meet everyone.

Emma Nicholas

I’m Emma, a second year languages student studying French, Spanish, and Catalan. During my time at Trinity so far I have partaken in the First and Third Boat Club, yoga society, art classes and swimming society, among others. I’m excited to learn about what life could look like after graduation.

Farzana Haque

I’m Farzana and I’m a final year Theology student. In my spare time I’m involved in Cambridge theatre, photography and swimming. I’m super excited to take part in the Telethon and speak to Trinity alumni.

Harry Devlin

I’m Harry, second year English Student. I particularly enjoy studying Late Middle Ages and I’m currently conducting research about Romani Travellers in 19th century poetry. I play prop on the College rugby team and I am also the Access Officer for the TCSU. This is my first Telethon and I look forward to learning about Trinity’s array of alumni.

Tor Warner

My name is Tor, and I am a third year student of Chemical Engineering.  I am involved most actively in the Cambridge University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, Energy Technology Society and Chemical Engineering Society.  I have experienced amazing things while at Trinity College, and I look forward to helping to ensure future students can enjoy them too.

Mia Reeves

I’m Mia and I’m a fourth year MML student studying French and Spanish. I play football for the college women’s team and I am also a Trinity Ambassador. I have done the Telethon twice now and I love speaking to alumni and learning about their experiences.

Prashen Fernando

I’m Prashen and I’m a first-year law student from Sri Lanka. As an international student, I’m incredibly excited to raise funds so that more people like me might get to experience being at Trinity.

Rhiannon Penning

My name’s Rhiannon, and I’m a second year English Literature student here at Trinity. I’m currently involved with the University Ballet Club, and have worked with the Watersprite Film Festival. This is my first Telethon, and I look forward to helping raise money for the great schemes and opportunities that Trinity has to offer.

Ryan Tam

I’m Ryan and I’m a first year Engineer at Trinity. I’m involved with the Oxbridge Launchpad and with the College Badminton Team, and I’m very excited to connect with other former students who have also been in the same position as me.

James Redlaff

I’m James, a fifth year medical student. In my time at Trinity, I’ve been part of the University competitive Ballroom & Latin team, helped to found the mental health education charity, Headucate. This will now be my seventh Telethon, so it’s safe to say I enjoy them, and I’m sure this one will be no different!

Owain Cooke

I’m Owain, a third year law student at Trinity. I’m captain of the rugby team, represent the University in mooting, a member of the powerlifting club and horse ride in my spare time. I am excited to talk to alumni about bursaries and to raise money for College projects like the Field Club.

Isaac Flanagan 

I’m Isaac, a second year mathematician. I’ve loved my time at Trinity so far and have enjoyed taking part in lots of the sports on offer – especially rowing with First and Third. This is my second telethon and I’m looking forward to having more fun conversations with alumni and working as part of a great team.

Scott Campbell

I’m Scott and I’m a second year MML student. During my time at Trinity, I’ve joined a number of sports clubs, such as the First and Third boat club, as well as a member of the university Powerlifting club. This is my first Telethon and I’m excited to talk and learn about alumni from all over the world.

Santiago Marin Martinez

I’m Santiago, a final year Biology student. As the TCSU International Welfare Officer 2021-2022, I had the great pleasure of meeting and engaging with students from all over the world. I am excited to do the same with Trinity alumni during my first Telethon.

Hugh Whitworth

I’m Hugh; a third year philosophy student here at Trinity. I’ve loved my time here, from the Christchurch sport exchange and College squash to the University generally (where I’m involved in the Navy Unit). I am really looking forward to speaking to people with that shared College experience and seeing what they’re doing now.

Molly Papps (Telethon Assistant) 

I am delighted to be working as the Telethon Assistant supporting the student callers and the ARDO office during this time. During my time at Trinity, I have got involved with the Trinity College Student Union as the Mental Health and Disabled Students’ Officer. I am also a keen singer with the choir of Corpus Christi College. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here.

Telethon FAQs

What is the Telethon?

The Telethon is an annual telephone fundraising campaign run by the Alumni Relations and Development Office. It aims to raise important funds for College initiatives, as well as to connect our current students with alumni. Last year, our student callers spoke with over 400 alumni from all over the world.

Will the Telethon be COVID safe?

Student and staff safety is incredibly important to us. We will be making every effort to ensure that the Telethon is COVID compliant and will be following College regulations at all times.

What is the College raising money for?

The Telethon is raising money for the Annual Fund, including student support. In November 2019, we launched our You can hear from Trinity students who have benefited from alumni donations here, and read about the other priorities for the Annual Fund here.

How do I know if I will be called?

You will receive a postcard or an email around a month before calling begins. If you have received a communication from us and do not wish to be called, please email [email protected] or call + 44 (0)1223 338548.

When and where does calling take place?

The Telethon will be taking place from 22 March- 7 April. Calling takes place at Trinity from Monday to Thursday between 18:30 and 21:30 GMT, on Saturdays between 10:00 and 17:00 GMT, and on Sundays between 15:00 and 20:00 GMT. If you live overseas we will take this into account when choosing a time to call you.

Are the students paid or do they volunteer?

The students are paid for their work by the College, which also provides free accommodation during the Telethon. The students’ work on the Telethon is approved by the Tutorial Office and, because they work mainly in the evenings, calling fits well around revision. The students are not paid out of the funds they raise for Trinity.

Are the students trained?

Yes, the students receive full training from the Annual Fund Officer directly before the start of the campaign.

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