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Accommodation Information for Prospective Students

Trinity aims to provide accommodation in College for all new students, whether you are starting an undergraduate or a graduate course. The information below answers some fundamental questions about accommodation at Trinity and provides links to our accommodation pages. If your question is not answered here or in the Accommodation FAQs, please see the current Accommodation Handbook for detailed information about all aspects of accommodation in College.

What Accommodation does Trinity offer?

Trinity College aims to provide accommodation for all undergraduates for the duration of their course. The type of accommodation varies: some of Trinity’s rooms are old and grand, while others are of modern design. Most are within the main College buildings between Sidney Street and the river; the rest are in the green setting of Burrell’s Field, on the other side of the Fellows’ Garden. All rooms have wired access to the College’s computer network, and wi-fi is also available in certain areas of College. Please see our Typical Rooms page for information about College rooms.

Graduate students new to Trinity are also accommodated in College rooms for their first year, where possible – please see our Typical Rooms page for more information. Where possible, graduate students are offered College-owned accommodation during the first 3 years of their course, but they are not obliged to live in College accommodation and may source this on the private market if preferred.

Please note that students who are accompanied by a partner and/or children may not reside in a College or graduate hostel room; these are for single occupancy only. The College has a number of flats for this purpose, but allocation is subject to availability which varies each academic year. For more information about couples/family accommodation, please see our College Flats page.

Can I choose the room I live in?

As an undergraduate fresher, your room will be assigned before you arrive. In later years, you will be able to choose your room. Students make their choices based on an order decided by random ballot within each group. Senior Scholars and Junior Scholars have priority, followed by the remaining prospective third years, then second years and fourth years. Please see Section 2 of the Accommodation Handbook for more details about room ballots.

Graduate (Side F) freshers will also be assigned a room before their arrival; this will be in College rooms as far as is possible (depending on the operational requirements of the College). Side F students who were assigned a College room for their first year will enter the graduate ballot for future years of study (Trinity accommodation is typically offered during the first 3 years of a graduate course). Accommodation allocated via the Graduate Ballot will usually be in one of our external graduate hostels, managed by Bidwells on behalf of the College. Please see our Typical Rooms page for more information.

What will rooms in College cost?

Prices vary according to location and size of rooms, as well as facilities. Before you arrive you will be asked to select a preferred Room Charge band (low/medium/high), and we do our best to allocate a room which falls within your preferred bracket. You will also be asked to give the maximum weekly charge you would prefer to pay. Information about room charges in different areas is included in our Typical Rooms pages.

Please see the Fresher Accommodation FAQs section for more information about the practicalities of accommodation at Trinity, as well as for some things to think about before you arrive

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