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Trinity College is governed by the Master and 190 or so Fellows in a very wide range of University studies, who are responsible for maintaining it as a place of education, learning and research. The Fellowship includes Junior Research Fellows at the outset of their academic careers, and Senior Research Fellows distinguished for their research. In addition the College has a number of Honorary Fellows, who are generally members of the College who have attained high distinction in academic or public life. The  College also has nine Fellow Benefactors who receive the title in celebration of their great generosity to Trinity.


Dame Sally Claire Davies, DBE, FRS, FMedSci (appointed 2019)


Prof. Michael Grae Worster (1993)

Fellows, etc., in Arts and Humanities

Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Prof. Simon Douglas Keynes, FBA (1976)

Dr Cameron Andrew Petrie (2011)

Dr James Campbell, External Director of Studies

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Prof. Mikael Adolphson (2016)
Dr Susan Framji Daruvala (1998)
Dr Mark Robert Morris (1992)
Prof. John Nicholas Postgate, FBA (1982)

Prof. Philip Russell Hardie, FBA (2006)
Prof. Richard Lawrence Hunter, FBA (2001)
Dr Jessica Lightfoot (2018)
Dr Robert Alexander Rohland (2020)

Prof. Debopam Bhattacharya (2015)
Prof. Tiago Vanderlei De Vasconcelos Cavalcanti (2013)
Dr John Rupert James Gatti (1998) Tutor
Prof. Oliver Bruce Linton, FBA (2011)
Dr Brian Redman Mitchell (1967)
Prof. Mohammad Hashem Pesaran, FBA (1979)
Dr Stephen Ellwood Satchell (1986)
Prof. Amartya Kumar Sen, CH, FBA (1957) Former Master, 1998–2004
Dr Christopher Rauh (2020)

Dr Fiona Maine, External Director of Studies

Prof. Virginia Cox (2021)
Dr Alexander William Freer (2015) Former Fellow
Dr Anna-Maria Hartmann (2018)
Prof. Michael D. Hurley (2021)
Dr Micha David Swade Lazarus (2015) Former Fellow
Prof. Angela Leighton, FBA (2006)
Dr Kirsten MacFarlane (2017) Former Fellow
Dr Allison Neal (2019)
Prof. Adrian Douglas Bruce Poole (1975) Tutor
Dr Daniel Sperrin (2021)
Dr Jitka Stollova (2018)
Dr Anne Cecilia Toner (2001) Tutor
Dr Clare Walker Gore (2016) Former Fellow

Dr Carys Brown (2019)
Dr Richard Alexander Calis (2020)
Prof. Joya Chatterji, FBA (2007)
Dr Duncan Hardy (2016) Former Fellow
Prof. Andrew John Boyd Hilton, FBA (1974)
Dr Daniel Richard Larsen (2013). Temporary Lecturer, Former Fellow
DrProf. John Michael Lonsdale (1964)
Dr Adjoa Osei. Postdoctoral Researcher in the History of Race
Prof. Peter Andrew Vincent Sarris (2000)
Dr Anil Seal (1961)
Prof. Samita Sen (2018)
Dr Hannah Shepherd (2018)
Dr Richard William Serjeantson (1996). Tutor for Advanced Students
Dr Damian Valdez. Temporary Lecturer
Prof. Mary Teresa Josephine Webber, FBA (1997)
Dr Luca Zenobi (2019)

History and Philosophy of Science
Prof. Sachiko Kusukawa (1997). Senior Tutor

History of Art
Prof. Alyce Mahon (2000)

Human, Social and Political Sciences
Politics and International Relations:
Dr José Ciro Martinez (2018)
Dr Glen Rangwala (2004) Director of Admissions
Social Anthropology:
Dr Heonik Kwon (2011)
Dr Naomi Richman (2021)
Prof. Joel Lee Robbins (2013)
Prof. Nicholas Jeremy Thomas, FBA (2006)
Dr Leanne Williams Green (2020)

Land Economy
Prof. Andreas Kontoleon, External Director of Studies

Prof. Philip James Allott, FBA (1973)
Prof. Catherine Sarah Barnard, FBA (1996)
Prof. Kevin John Gray, FBA (1993)
Mr Rory Gregson (2021)
Prof. Louise Merrett (2003) Admissions Tutor (Arts & Humanities)
Prof. Joanna Katherine Miles (1999)
Dr Benjamin James Spagnolo (2016)
Prof. Sarah Elizabeth Worthington, DBE, QC, FBA (2011)

Dr Napoleon Katsos, External Director of Studies
Dr Oliver Flynn Mayeux (2020)

Management Studies
Dr Gishan Dissanaike, External Director of Studies

Modern and Medieval Languages
Dr Jean Khalfa (1994)
Dr Anita Bunyan (Joint appointment with Gonville & Caius College.)
Prof. Mark Gianni Chinca (1985)
Prof. Roger Cole Paulin (1989)
Ms Maren Vincent-Humphrey, German Lektora
Prof. Catriona Helen Moncrieff Kelly, FBA (2021)
Prof. Emma Kathrine Widdis (1998)
Dr Carlos Fonseca (2021)

Dr Sean Paul Curran (2014) Music and English
Mr Stephen David Layton, MBE (2006). Director of Music
Dr Paul Wingfield (1990)

Prof. Simon Walter Blackburn, FBA (2001)
Dr Julia Borcherding (2020)
Dr Jeremy Nicholas Butterfield, FBA (2006)
Mr Nicholas Charles Denyer (1983) Praelector (Father of the College)
Prof. John Alexander Marenbon, FBA (1978)
Dr Benjamin Marschall (2021)
Prof. Huw Price, FBA (2011)

Theology and Religious Studies
Rev. Dr Michael Charles Banner (2006) Dean of Chapel, Fellow for Alumni Relations and Development

Fellows, etc., in Sciences

Prof. Didier Patrick Queloz, FRS (2013)
Prof. Martin John Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow, OM, FRS, Hon. FBA (2012) Former Master, 2004–2012

Chemical Engineering
Prof. Dame Lynn Faith Gladden, DBE, FREng, FRS (1999)
Prof. Andrew Sederman (2016)

Computer Science
Dr Sean Barry Holden (2002)
Dr Neel Krishnaswami (2019)
Dr Arthur Charles Norman (1980)
Prof. Frank Stajano (2015)

Prof. Adam Meyer Boies (2012) Tutor
Dr Ronald Leslie Ferrari (1966)
Prof. Stuart Kenneth Haigh (2008) Tutor
Prof. Hugh Edmund Murray Hunt (1990) Tutor
Prof. Matthew Juniper (2006)
Prof. Nicholas Geoffrey Kingsbury (1983)
Prof. Per Ola Kristensson (2016)
Prof. Joan Lasenby (2001)
Prof. Piero Migliorato (1989)
Dr Christopher Thomas Morley (1968) Secretary of Council

Prof. Caucher Birkar, FRS (2019)
Prof. Béla Bollobás, FRS (1970)
Mr Matthew John Colbrook (2020)
Dr Aleksander Quang Doan (2019)
Dr Alexandros Eskenazis (2019)
Dr Jessica Fintzen (2016) Former Fellow
Prof. Thomas Anthony Fisher (2002)
Prof. Gary William Gibbons, FRS (2002)
Prof. Sir William Timothy Gowers, FRS (1995)
Dr Ewain Gwynne (2018)
Prof. Edward John Hinch, FRS (1971)
Dr Oliver Janzer (2021)
Dr Douglas Peter Kennedy (1974)
Dr Katarzyna Kowal (2017) Former Fellow
Prof. Eric Jean Marie Lauga (2013) Tutor
Prof. Imre Bennett Leader (2000) Admissions Tutor (Maths & Sciences)
Prof. John Ronald Lister (1997)
Prof. Jason Peter Miller (2015)
Prof. Henry Keith Moffatt, FRS (1980)
Prof. Hugh Osborn, FRS (1971)
Prof. Gabriel Paternain (2001)
Prof. Malcolm John Perry (1986)
Prof. Harvey Stephen Reall (2007)
Prof. Nicholas Ian Shepherd Barron, FRS (1990)
Prof. David Benjamin Skinner (2013)
Dr Hunter Spink (2020)
Dr Michael Rummine Tehranchi (2005)
Ms Rita Teixeira Da Costa (2021)
Prof. Jack Thorne, FRS (2021)
Prof. Ulrike Tillmann, FRS (2021)
Prof. David Tong (2009)
Dr Aled Walker (2018)
Prof. Pelham Mark Hedley Wilson (1981)
Prof. Henry John Rutley Wilton (2014)

Medical Sciences
Dr Catherine Aiken (2016)
Prof. Robin Wayne Carrell, FRS (1987)
Prof. Andrew Charles Crawford, FRS (1974)
Mr Peter Ellis, College Lector
Prof. Douglas Thomas Fearon, FRS (2001)
Prof. Rebecca Clare Fitzgerald (2002) Advisor to Women Students
Prof. Ian Michael Glynn, FRS (1960)
Prof. Gregory Hannon (2016)
Dr Richard David Hayward (2017)
Prof. Colin Hughes (1997)
Prof. Roger John Keynes (1993)
Dr Henry Lee-Six (2021)
Prof. Patrick Henry Maxwell, FRCP (2012)
Prof. Ewa Paluch (2018)
Dr Matthew Hunt, External Director of Studies

Natural Sciences (biological)
Prof. Sir David Charles Baulcombe, FRS (2009)
Prof. Paul Martin Brakefield, FRS (2011)
Prof. Jason William Chin (2007)
Dr Erik Arthur Clark (2017) Former Fellow
Prof. Christopher Robin Lowe, OBE (1984)
Dr Andrew David McLachlan, FRS (1958)
Dr Venki Ramakrishnan, Kt, PRS (2008)
Dr Milka Sarris (2016)
Dr Adi Steif (2018)
Prof. John Sutherland (2019)
Dr Peter Nigel Tripp Unwin, FRS (1987)
Dr Alan Geoffrey Weeds (1975)
Sir Gregory Paul Winter, CBE, FRS (1992) Former Master, 2012–2019
Prof. Marta Zlatic (2019)
Dr Murray Stewart, Fixed-Term Lecturer

Natural Sciences (chemistry)
Prof. Ali Alavi, FRS (2000)
Prof. Sir Shankar Balasubramanian, FRS (1994)
Prof. Stephen Richard Elliott, FRS (1977)
Dr Neil Kenneth Hamer (1964)
Prof. Steven Victor Ley, CBE, FRS (1993)
Dr Aleks Reinhardt (2019)
Prof. David Robert Spring (2007) Tutor for Advanced Students
Dr Daniel Beauregard, Joint Appointment

Natural Sciences (earth sciences)
Dr Graham Alan Chinner (1972)
Dr Malcolm Stewart William Hodgskiss (2020)
Prof. Marian Barbara Holness, FRS (2000)
Dr Auriol Stephen Prenter Rae (2019)

Natural Sciences (materials)
Prof. Judith L. Driscoll FREng (2005)
Prof. Caterina Ducati (2015) Tutor
Prof. Alan Hardwick Windle, FRS (1978) Dean of College

Natural Sciences (mathematics)
Prof. Julian Charles Roland Hunt, Baron Hunt of Chesterton, CB, FRS (1966)
Prof. Jerome Neufeld (2021)
Prof. John Martin Rallison (1976)
Dr John Frederick Rudge (2011) Tutor
Prof. Michael Grae Worster (1993) Vice-Master

Natural Sciences (physics)
Prof. Michael Cates, FRS (2016)
Prof. Claudio Castelnovo (2014)
Dr Bingqing Cheng (2019)
Dr Rohit Chikkaraddy (2018)
Dr Edgar Engel (2016) Former Fellow
Prof. Valerie Gibson, OBE (1994)
Dr Friedrich Malte Grosche (2007)
Prof. Zoran Hadzibabic (2007)
Prof. Brian David Josephson, FRS (1969)
Prof. David Ephraim Khmelnitskii (1991)
Dr Jesse Liu (2019)
Prof. Gilbert George Lonzarich, FRS (1977)
Dr Maximillian McGinley (2020)
Dr Wladislaw Michaelow (2021)
Prof. Sir Michael Pepper, FREng, FRS (1982)

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
Prof. Sir Simon Baron-Cohen, FBA (1995)

The Library

Dr Nicolas John Bell (2015) Librarian
Prof. David John McKitterick, FBA (1986) Former Librarian

The Bursary

Mr Richard Turnill (2020) Senior Bursar
Dr David Secher,  Junior Bursar

Mr Rory Landman (2006) Former Senior Bursar
Dr Rod Pullen (2006) Former Junior Bursar
Dr Jeremy Richard Frederick Fairbrother (1992) Former Senior Bursar
Mr Alexander Paul Simm, CBE (1993) Former Junior Bursar


The Reverend John Summers
Ms Olga Fabrikant-Burke

Fellow Commoners

Ms Ali Smith, Senior Fellow Commoner in the Creative Arts
Mr Guy Gunaratne, Fellow Commoner in the Creative Arts
Dr Adjoa Osei, Fellow Commoner in the History of Race

A date in brackets designates the year of election to a fellowship.

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