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Alumni - Graduands' 2022

Please complete this form to provide the College with your forwarding contact details and to join our Alumni Associations.

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Our Alumni Associations are a great way of making the most of the Trinity network you belong to - tick the box(es) to join the relevant mailing list(s). For more information on our Associations and Trinity in... regional groups, check out our webpages (
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Let us know where you're headed to next - further study, employment, taking a short break, or something else!
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Communication Preferences

This is the publication that provides an annual update on what has been going on at College. It is issued electronically by default
This is the annual alumni magazine, providing updates from College, inspiring stories from students and alumni, research focuses from Fellows, and the annual crossword competition
This is the update on College finances, especially philanthropic ones, telling the stories of the huge impact philanthropy on the lives of students
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