Getting in on the act: Trinity Fellows and The Man Who Knew Infinity

Trinity Fellows feature in British, Indian and Australian media coverage of the Hollywood film about Ramanujan, The Man Who Knew Infinity.

They discuss Ramanujan’s brilliance, his unique collaboration with G H Hardy, and the legacy of this self-taught mathematician from south India –  as well as what happened when the Hollywood film crew descended on the College in summer 2014.

Shaun Peel covered the story for BBC Look East, including great footage of Dev Patel (Ramanujan) and Jeremy Irons (Hardy) at Trinity two years ago. The BBC Look East report (starts at 21:30) is available until 6.55pm on 8 April 2015. You can watch a longer BBC Look East interview with Trinity Fellow, Professor Béla Bollobás, who learned about Ramanujan from J E Littlewood in the 1970s.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire aired an atmospheric interview in the Wren Library with Professor Catherine Barnard on The Dotty McLeod Breakfast Show (starts at 1:24), 8 April. Graihagh Jackson’s full report for The Naked Scientists will be on BBC 5 Live at 5am, 9 April, and on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 6pm, 10 April. If you are in Australia, the report will also be on ABC Radio at 10pm, 15 April. A podcast will be available soon on The Naked Scientists website.

The Cambridge News features a panoply of images – including scenes of Dev Patel falling into the Cam, which never made the final cut.

In India, The Telegraph interviews Trinity Fellow and President of the Royal Society, Professor Venki Ramakrishnan, who, like Ramanujan, was born in Tamil Nadu. Professor Ramakrishnan ‘realised with some pleasure’ that he would be President of the Royal Society in the centenary year of Ramanujan’s election to a Fellowship, the second Indian, and first on the basis of merit, to add FRS after his name.


Read more about The Man Who Knew Infinity.


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