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Trinity prints an Obituary list of deceased members every year in the Annual Record. Please contact the secretary responsible for alumni records with information for that list. This page provides an additional service: it links to or reproduces published obituaries of alumni. To draw attention to an obituary of an alumnus or alumna that has appeared in the press and which might appropriately be noticed here, please contact the Secretary of the Website Committee. Obituaries of Fellows and Honorary Fellows of Trinity are published in the Annual Record. Some recent ones are also available on a separate page of this site.

Trinity poppies

Trinity prints an Obituary list of deceased members every year in the Annual Record. Please contact the secretary responsible for Alumni Records with information for that list. This page provides an additional service: it links to or reproduces published obituaries of alumni. To draw attention to an obituary of an alumnus or alumna that has appeared in the press and which might appropriately be noticed here, please contact the Secretary of the Website Committee. Obituaries of Fellows and Honorary Fellows of Trinity are published in the College's Annual Record.

Trinity Members Online also maintains a list of non-published obituaries for those members who have not been mentioned in the press but who have had an appreciation written for them:

Published Obituaries: Fellows, Honorary Fellows & Alumni


Allen, William Sidney (1918-2004). Elected a Fellow 1955. Philologist. Times (pdf),3 June 2004;
Ashton, Mark (1948-2010). Vicar. Cambridge Evening News,5 April 2010;


Bailey, Jonathan (1940-2008). Bishop. Telegraph,2008-12-26; Church Times,2009-01-02;
Barclay, Oliver (1919-2013). Second General Secretary, Inter-Varsity Fellowship / Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. UCCF,13-09-2013; Times,04-10-2013;
Barker, Richard (1939-2009). Headmaster. Telegraph,2010-02-17;
Barnes, William (1938-2011). Director of Housing. Inside Housing,2011-11-07;
Barran, David (1912-2002). Businessman. Telegraph,2002-06-03; Independent,2002-06-18;
Barton, Anne (1933-2013). Elected a Fellow 1986. Shakespeare scholar. Guardian,25-11-2013; Telegraph,19-11-2013; Independent,11-02-2014;
Batchelor, George Keith (1920-2000). Elected a Fellow 1951. Applied Mathematician. Guardian,2000-04-12;
Bate, David (1916-2011). Judge. Times ,2011-06-22;
Batey, Keith (1919-2010). Codebreaker. Telegraph,2010-09-02;
Berrill, Kenneth (1920-2009). Economist and Public Servant. Guardian,2009-06-26;
Berry, John (1907-2002). Environmentalist. Independent,2002-02-22;
Birch, Paul (1956-2012). Scientist & Councillor. Isle of Wight County Press,2012-07-13;
Bolt, Sydney (1907-2002). English teacher & critic. Guardian,2012-06-18;
Boorstin, Daniel Joseph (1914-2004). Librarian of Congress. Independent,2004-03-05; Washington Post,2004-02-29;
Boscawen, The Hon. Robert Thomas (1923-2013). Former MP and wartime tank commander. Frome Standard,10-01-2014; Daily Telegraph,07-01-2014; Independent,14-01-2014;
Bottomley, Sir James (1920-2013). Civil servant and diplomat. Times,13-06-2013;
Branson, Edward (1918-2011). Soldier & Barrister. Telegraph,2011-05-08;
Bunn, Douglas (1928-2009). Equestrian and founder of the All England Jumping Course Hickstead. Guardian,2009-06-20;
Burton, Raymond (1917-2011). Businessman & Philanthropist. Telegraph,2011-02-20; Guardian,2011-03-15;
Butler, Lady (1907-2009). Master's wife. Annual Record,2009;
Buxton, John (1933-2009). Software Engineer. Guardian,2009-11-12;
Buxton, Lord (1918-2009). Naturalist. Television Executive and Politician. Telegraph,2009-09-03; Guardian,2009-09-07;


Carson, Peter (1938-2013). Publisher, editor and translator. Guardian,24-01-2013;
Chadwick, Henry (1920-2008). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1987. Priest and Scholar. Telegraph,2008-06-18; Guardian,2008-06-19; Church Times,2008-06-20; Independent,2008-06-21;
Chandler, Geoffrey (1922-2011). Businessman. Guardian,2011-04-10; Telegraph,2011-04-27;
Cole, John William Burke (1920-2011). Coldstream Guard & Farmer. Obituary from the Newbury Weekly News ,2012;
Collinson, Patrick (1929-2011). Elected a Fellow 1988. Historian. Telegraph,2011-10-02;
Comfort, Alex (1920-2000). Sexologist and Gerontologist. Guardian,2000-03-28;
Congreve, Ambrose Christian (1907-2011). Businessman and renowned gardener. Telegraph,25-05-2011;
Cornford, James (1935-2011). Academic and Social reformer. Guardian,2011-10-05;
Courtauld, Christopher (1934-2014). Vicar of St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge, from 1978 to 1999. Telegraph,05-02-2014;
Courtauld, William (1943-2010). Businessman. Times,2010-04-16;
Coxeter, Harold Scott MacDonald (1907-2003). Elected an Honorary Fellow 2000. Mathematician. MacTutor,2003-04-07; New York Times,2003-04-07; Independent,2003-04-15;
Craig, Nares (1917-2012). Architect. Cambridge Evening News,2012-02-11; Guardian,2012-04-02; webpage,2012;
Cundy, Ian (1945-2009). Bishop. Telegraph,2009-05-11; Church Times,2009-05-15; Guardian,2009-05-28;


Daniell, Antony (1913-2011). Engineer & Colonel. Telegraph,2012-01-04;
Davis, Clive Selwyn (1916-2009). Mathematician. Australian Mathematical Society Gazette,2010-03-01;
de Bellaigue, Sir Geoffrey (1931-2013). Leading authority on the decorative arts. Telegraph,08-01-2013; Guardian,24-03-2013;
de Rothschild, Edmund (1916-2009). Banker and Gardener. Telegraph,2009-01-19;
de Rothschild, Leopold (1927-2012). Banker and Philanthropist. Telegraph,2012-05-02;
De, La Mare Benedick (1938-2009). Curate. Church Times,2009-12-04;
Dent, Martin (1925-2014). One of the founders of the Jubilee 2000 debt relief campaign. Guardian,22-05-2014;
Devons, Samuel (1914-2006). Elected a Fellow 1946. Physicist and Science historian. Independent,2007-01-03;
Digby, Simon (1932-2010). Oriental Scholar, Writer & Linguist. Telegraph, Calcutta,2010-01-21;
Donaldson of Lymington Lord (1920-2005). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1983. Master of the Rolls. Telegraph,2005-09-02; Guardian,2005-09-03; Independent,2005-09-03;
Douglas, Alexander (1921-2010). Elected a fellow 1953 & Junior Bursar 1955. Mathematical Computing. The Computer Journal,2010-06-29;
Dreyfus, John (1918-2002). Typographical Adviser and Historian. Independent,2003-01-04;
Drummond, Humphrey (1922-2009). Naturalist, Sportsman and Historian. Telegraph,2009-05-14;
Duke, Thomas (1964-2012). Elected a Fellow 1998. Biological physicist. Guardian,2012-07-30; Telegraph,2012-10-02;
Dunboyne, Lord (1951-2013). Anglo-Irish peer. Telegraph,10-09-2013;


Earle, The Revd Nick (1926-2014). Mathetician and Theologian. Guardian,11-02-2014;
Eddison, James Andrew (1921-2012). Engineer and businessman. The Scotsman,31-10-2012;
Eddison, John (1916-2011). Clergyman. Times ,2011-06-10;
Ehrman, John (1938-2011). Elected a Fellow 1947. Historian. Telegraph,2011-06-17; Independent,2011-07-15;
Elliott, William (Bill) (1925-2012). Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry. Australian Biochemist,03-12-2012;
Errington, Lancelot (1917-2011). Senior Civil Servant. Independent,2012-01-16;
Evans, Maggie (1980-2009). Literary agent. Guardian,2009-02-12;
Ewbank, Anthony (1925-2011). High Court Judge. Times ,2011-07-08;
Ewer, Denis (1913-2009). Zoologist & Physiologist. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa,;


Finestein, Israel (1921-2009). Judge. Totally Jewish,2009-10-15;
Fisher, Lord (1921-2012). Norfolk zoo owner, councillor and decorated naval officer. Telegraph,07-12-2012;
Fox, Bassett, Nigel (1929-2008). Lawyer. Times,2008-11-17;
Fox, Eustace (1908-2008). Elected a Fellow 1946. Engineer. Trinity Download,2008;


Galbraith John Kenneth (1908-2006). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1987. Economist. BBC website,2006-04-30; New York Times,2006-04-30; Guardian,2006-05-01; Independent,2006-05-01; Telegraph,2006-05-01;
Gaskell, Philip (1926-2001). Elected a Fellow 1967. Librarian and Literary Scholar. Independent,2001-08-02;
Gold, Thomas (1920-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1986. Astronomer and Geoscientist. Physics World,2004-06-23; Guardian,2004-06-24; New York Times,2004-06-24; Telegraph,2004-06-25; Independent,2004-06-29;
Granger, Clive (1934-2009). Elected an Honorary Fellow 2005. Economist. Telegraph,2009-05-29; New York Times,2009-05-30; Journal of Applied Econometrics ,2009; Guardian,2009-06-01;
Gray, Simon (1936-2008). Dramatist & Author. Guardian,2008-08-07; Telegraph,2008-08-07; Times,2008-08-08; Independent,2008-08-08; New York Times,2008-08-08;
Grazebrook, Michael (1917-2011). Grenadier Guard (MC). Telegraph,2011-12-20;
Green, Dennis (1922-2008). Elected a Fellow 1948. German medievalist. Independent,2008-12-18; Times,2009-02-03;
Griffith, Tudor (1951-2011). Scientist. Cardiff University newsletter,1/12/2011;
Gunn, John Battiscombe (1928-2008). Physicist. Physics Today,2009-02-13;
Gunn, Thomson William (1929-2004). Poet. Times,2004-04-28; Guardian,2004-04-28;
Guthrie, Robin (1937-2009). Charity Director and Social Campaigner. Times,2009-05-06; Independent,2009-05-15; Guardian,2009-06-17;
Gwynn-Jones, Peter (1940-2010). Garter Principal King of Arms. Telegraph,2010-09-01;


Hancock, Reginald (Rex) Legassicke, (1928-2012). Rector . Telegraph,2012-10-02;
Handley, Eric Walter (1926-2013). Elected a fellow 1984. Classical scholar and papyrologist. Times,06-02-2013;
Harland, Air Marshal Sir Reginald (1920-2013). Distinguised RAF engineering officer. Telegraph,19-09-2013;
Harrison, Brian (1921-2011). Businessman & M.P. Telegraph,2011-09-18; Times,2011-09-30;
Hawthorne, Edward (1920-2010). Mechanical Scientist & Consultant. Bucks Free Press,2010-10-06;
Hawthorne, William (1913-2011). Elected a Fellow 1951. Elected an Honorary Fellow 1995. Engineer. Telegraph,2011-09-21; Cambridge Evening News,2011-09-25; 40850,;
Hayward, Derek (1923-2010). Vicar. Telegraph,2010-05-27;
Hervey-Bathurst, John (1934-2011). Banker. Times,2011-12-28;
Higham, Adrian (1928-2013). Publisher. Times,18-04-2013;
Hill, D. K. (1915-2002). Physiologist. Independent,2002-09-12;
Hirst, David (1925-2011). Barrister & Lord Justice of Appeal. Telegraph,2012-01-16;
Holden, Alan (1922-2011). Chemist. Scotsman,2011-08-17;
Horder, Thomas Mervyn (1910-1997). Publisher. Independent,1997-07-10;
Howitt, Basil (1940-2011). Musician & Author. Guardian,2012-01-16;
Hugh-Smith, Sir Andrew (1931-2012). Former Chairman of the London Stock Exchange. Telegraph,25-10-2012;
Hughes, George Graham (1926-2010). Arts Administrator and Writer. Guardian,2010-11-09;
Huxley, Andrew Fielding (1917-2012). Physiologist and Biophysicist. Guardian,2012-05-31; Times,2012-06-02; ,2012-06-06; ,2012-06-11;


Ibbs, Sir Robin (1926-2014). Company director of ICI, head of Margaret Thatcher's thinktank and chairman of Lloyds Bank. Guardian,03-08-2014; Telegraph,29-07-2014;
Imam, Syed Mohammad Amir (1928-2013). Writer and poet. Guardian,18-12-2013;


Jackson, Graham (1967-2012). Conductor. Telegraph,2012-08-09; Guardian,2012-10-08;
James, Eric (1925-2012). Pastor. Telegraph,2012-05-02; Guardian,2012-05-06; Independent,2012-05-17;
James, Sir Kenneth (1926-2013). Diplomat. Telegraph,05-08-2013;
Jenkin, Ian Tregarthen (1920-2004). Art Educator. Guardian,2004-10-05;
Johnson, Paley (1917-2011). Elected a fellow 1962. Colloid Scientist. Obituary from the Trinity Annual Record ,; Tribute to Johnson (pdf),2011;
Jolowicz, John Anthony (1926-2012). Elected a fellow 1952. Lawyer. Times Announcements,2012-01-20;
Jones, David Mervyn (1922-2008). Elected a fellow 1949. Classicist. Obituary from the Exeter Register ,2009;


Kalton, Nigel (1946-2010). Mathematician. Times ,2010-09-01;
Kelley, David (1941-1999). English. The Guardian,1999-10-01;
Kelly, Professor Anthony (1929-2014). Second vice-chancellor of the University of Surrey. Times Higher Education,26-06-2014;
Kendrew, John (1917-1997). Biochemist. New York Times,1997-08-30; Independent,1997-09-12;
Kennet, Lord (1923-2009). Author, Journalist, Politician and 'Troublemaker'. Times,2009-05-10; Telegraph,2009-05-11; Guardian,2009-05-12; Independent,2009-05-12;
Keynes, Richard Darwin (1919-2010). Physiologist. Telegraph,2010-07-09; Guardian,2010-08-17;
Kiernan, Victor (1913-2009). Elected a Fellow 1937. Historian. Guardian,2009-02-18;
Kimball, Lord (1928-2014). Conservative MP. Telegraph,28-03-2014; Independent,06-04-2014;
Kingsley-Heath, John (1926-2011). Hunter. Telegraph,2011-08-01;
Kirwan-Taylor, Peter (1930-2014). Chartered accountant and fast car enthusiast. Times,12-03-2014;
Kitchener, Earl (1919-2011). Hereditary peer. Telegraph,2011-12-23;


Lane, Lord of Ippollitts (1918-2005). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1981. Lord Chief Justice. Guardian,2005-08-23; Times,2005-08-24; Independent,2005-08-25;
Laslett, Peter (1915-2001). Elected a Fellow 1953. Academic who helped establish the Open University. Guardian,2001-11-17;
Layton, David (1914-2009). Industrial Relations Consultant. Guardian,2009-09-29;
Lighthill, James (1924-1998). Mathematician. New York Times,1998-08-02;
Lindley, Professor Dennis (1923-2013). Statistician. Telegraph,10-04-2014; Guardian,15-03-2014;
Lloyd, Captain John (1923-2013). Distinguished war record. Telegraph,30-04-2013;
Luxmoore, The Rt Rev Christopher (1926-2014). Bishop of Bermuda. Telegraph,20-04-2014;
Lyon, Donald (1920-2011). Vicar. This is Gloucestershire,2011-03-04;


MacCormac, Sir Richard (1938-2014). Elected an Honorary Fellow 2006. Award-winning Modernist architect. Guardian,29-07-2014; Independent,08-08-2014; Telegraph,30-07-2014;
Maddox, Christopher (1912-2004). Medical missionary and 'Moses'. Guardian,2004-01-31; Times,2004-02-05;
Marlow, Richard (1939-2013). Elected a Fellow 1968. Former Director of Music at Trinity College. Guardian,02-07-2013; Telegraph,30-06-2013; Times,19-08-2013;
Marrian, Denis (1915-2008). Elected a Fellow 1959. Chemist. Annual Record,2008;
Maw, Nicholas (1935-2009). Composer (Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts at Trinity 1966-69). Telegraph,2009-05-19; Times,2009-05-20; Guardian,2009-05-20; Independent,2009-05-23;
Maycock, Robert (1948-2012). Music critic and Music Editor of The Independent. Independent,09-02-2012;
Maynard Smith, John (1920-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1999. Biologist. Guardian,2004-04-22; Times,2004-04-22; Telegraph,2004-04-22; Independent,2004-04-24;
Mayne, Richard (1926-2009). Author & Civil Servant. Obituary (pdf),2009-12-10; Times,2009-12-10; Guardian,2009-12-21; Telegraph,2009-12-29;
Methuen, Lord (1931-2014). Elected hereditary peer . The Wiltshire News,14-07-2014;
Michell, John (1933-2009). New Age Writer. Guardian,2009-05-06; Telegraph,2009-05-08; Times,2009-05-12; Independent,2009-05-21;
Middleton, Lord (1921-2011). Landowner and Peer. Gazette & Herald,2011-06-08; Telegraph,; ,;
Miller, Keith (1932-2006). Elected a Fellow 1970. Explorer and fatigue engineer. Independent,2006-06-06;
Mitchison, John Murdoch (1922-2011). Elected a Fellow 1950. Cell Biologist. Independent,2011-03-23; Telegraph,2011-04-05; Guardian,2011-04-13;
Monson, Lord (1932-2011). Landowner & active Peer. Telegraph,2011-02-24;
More, Julian (1928-2010). Lyricist. Guardian,2010-03-02; Times,2010-03-08;
Morrison, Alastair (1915-2009). Colonial Administrator and Ornithologist. China Heritage Quarterly,2009-09-01; Times,2009-09-09;
Murray, Lee Peter (1913-2010). SOE security officer. Times,2010-02-23;


Neuberger, Michael (1953-2013). Elected a Fellow 1985. Molecular biologist. Guardian,01-12-2013; Telegraph,30-10-2013;
Newmark, Peter (1916-2011). Translator, teacher and writer. Guardian,2011-09-28;
Nutting, Harold Anthony (1920-1999). Diplomat, Politician and Writer. Independent,1999-03-03;


O'Leary, John (1954-2012). Poet and Teacher. Irish Times,2012-08-15;


Parmée, Douglas (1914-2008). Translator and Academic. Full obituary (pdf),2008-11-13; Times,;
Pellereau, Major General Peter (1921-2014). Officer. Telegraph,24-04-2014;
Pemberton, Francis (1936-2011). Businessmen and Landowner. Cambridge News,2011-11-06;
Perry, Samuel (1918-2009). Elected a Fellow 1947. Muscle Research Biochemist. Telegraph,2010-01-08; Times,2010-01-18;
Phillips, Owen (1930-2010). Oceanographer. Baltimore Sun,2010-10-25; Trinity Annual Record (pdf),2011;
Picken, Laurence (1909-2007). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1991. Scientist, Musicologist and Polymath. Times,2007-03-24; Independent,2007-03-31; Guardian,2007-06-06;
Pickering, Thomas (1940-2009). Professor of Medicine. New York Times,2009-05-18;
Plesch, Peter Hariolf (1918-2013). Chemist. Times,22-03-2013;
Poole, John Rea (1912-2002). Lawyer. Sydney Morning Herald,2002-07-03;
Poole-Wilson, Philip (1943-2009). Cardiologist. Times,2009-03-13; Telegraph,2009-03-24; BMJ,2009-04-21; World Heart Federation,2009-04-01; Independent,2009-03-16;
Pople, John Anthony (1925-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1999. Theoretical Chemist. New York Times,2004-03-18; Guardian,2004-03-19; Independent,2004-04-03;
Porteous, Ian (1930-2011). Mathematician. Guardian,2011-02-17;
Price, Sir David (1924-2014). Politician. Telegraph,04-02-2014; Independent,12-02-2014;


Redpath, Robert Theodore (1913-1997). Elected a Fellow 1950. English Scholar and Teacher. Independent,1997-02-04;
Rhodes, Anthony (1916-2004). Writer & Translator. Independent,2004-08-25; Times,2004-09-08;
Rice, Henry (1928-2010). Jane Austen Historian. Times,2010-01-23;
Richards, Paul (1908-1995). Elected a Fellow 1933. Botanist. Independent,1995-10-11;
Richardson, Lord of Lee (1910-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1979. Physician. Times (pdf),2004-08-27;
Robertson, Charles Martin (1911-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1987. Scholar of classical art and archaeology. American Journal of Archeology, 109:3,2005-07-01; Independent,2005-01-03;
Robertson, Toby (1928-2012). Theatre director. Guardian,2012-07-08; Telegraph,2012-10-02;
Robson, Robert (1929-1995). Elected a Fellow 1956. Historian. Independent,1995-01-24;
Roth, Martin (1917-2006). Elected a Fellow 1977. Psychiatrist. Telegraph,2006-10-13; Independent,2006-10-19; Times,2006-10-24; Guardian,2006-10-27;
Ruck Keene CBE TD, John (1917-2014). former Royal Society of Chemistry Chief Executive. Royal Society of Chemistry,04-04-2014;
Rushford, Antony (1922-2009). Constitutional lawyer. Times,2009-10-21;


Sandelson, Neville (1923-2002). Politician. Independent,2002-01-16; ,2002-01-17; Guardian,2002-01-17;
Scrope, Simon (1934-2010). City Chairman & Landowner. Times,2010-04-15; ,2010-04-19;
Sendall, Dennis Michael (1939-1999). Physicist & Informatician. Independent,1999-08-30;
Shepherd-Barron, John (1925-2010). Inventor and Businessman. Telegraph,2010-05-20; Times,2010-05-21; Guardian,2010-05-23;
Shoenberg, David (1911-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 2002. Physicist. Times,2004-03-16; Independent,2004-03-16;
Simon, Brian (1915-2002). Communist educationalist. Guardian,;
Slynn, Lord Hadley of (1930-2009). Elected an Honorary Fellow 2001. Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. Telegraph,2009-04-08; ,2009-04-09; Guardian,2009-05-21;
Squires, Gordon (1924-2010). Elected a Fellow 1956. Physicist. Annual Record,2010;
St Levan, The Lord (1919-2013). Hereditary peer and guardian of St Michael's Mount . Telegraph,07-04-2013;
Stokes, Alexander (1919-2003). DNA pioneer. Guardian,2003-02-15; Telegraph,2003-02-28; Times,2003-03-05;
Stott, John (1921-2011). Clergyman and Theologian. Telegraph,2011-07-28; Guardian,2011-07-28; BBC news,2011-07-28; Church Times,2011-07-29; Independent,2011-07-29;
Strachan, Graham (1930-1995). Managing Director. Herald Scotland,1995-01-02;
Straight, Michael (1916-2004). Publisher & Spy. Guardian,2004-01-09; International Herald Tribune,2004-01-05; Times,2004-01-06; Independent,2004-01-06;
Stripp, Alan (1924-2009). Wartime Codebreaker. Times,2009-02-25; Independent,2009-03-10; Telegraph,2009-03-10; Guardian,2009-05-07;
Sutherland, James (1922-2013). Civil engineer. The Bristol Post,;


Tennant, Anthony (1930-2011). Businessman. Telegraph,2011-08-07; Guardian,2011-08-09;
Thoday, John (1916-2008). Geneticist. Times,2008-09-12; Telegraph,2008-09-15; Guardian,2008-10-03;
Thompson, Elspeth (1961-2010). Gardening writer. Guardian,2010-04-07; Telegraph,2010-03-28;
Thomson, Peter (1939-2011). Headmaster. Telegraph,2011-05-24;
Thurlow, Lord (1912-2013). Diplomat. Telegraph,25-03-2013; Guardian,16-04-2013;
Trendall, Arthur D. (1909-1995). Elected a Fellow 1936. Classical Art Historian. Independent,1995-11-25;
Turner, John Michael (1941-2012). University lecturer and then at the Xerox Corporation in Research & Development. Rochester Democrat And Chronicle ,2012-07-15;
Turner, Michael (1929-2009). Tintin translator & Publisher. Times,2009-08-04; Telegraph,2009-08-14; Independent,2009-10-02;
Tutte, W. T. (1917-2002). Cryptographer. Telegraph,2002-05-09; Guardian,2002-05-10;


Ursell, Fritz (1923-2012). Fluid Mechanics scientist. Telegraph,2012-07-12;


Vernon, Sir Michael (1926-2014). Businessman and ocean yachtsman. Times,25-02-2014;


Wade, William (1918-2004). Elected an Honorary Fellow 1991. Legal Scholar. Telegraph,2004-03-18; Independent,2004-03-19; Guardian,2004-03-24;
Washbourn OBE, Roger (1911-2013). Administrator; one of the organisers of the golden jubilee of Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Eastern Daily Press,;
Waterlow, John (1916-2010). Physiologist. Guardia,2010-11-15; Telegraph,2010-11-22;
Waterlow, Simon Gordon (1941-2009). Publisher. Tennessean,2009-03-04;
Weaver, Oliver (1942-2008). Barrister and amusing letter writer. Times,2008-06-04;
Webb, David (1912-1994). Botanist. Independent,1994-10-11;
Wedgwood, John (1919-2007). Geriatrician. Times,2007-09-19; Telegraph,2007-09-01;
Weir, Tony (1936-2011). Elected a Fellow 1962. Legal academic. Scots Law News,2011-12-15; Trinity Download,2012-02-10;
Wells, Martin (1928-2009). Elected a Fellow 1955. Zoologist. Guardian,2009-02-25;
Wheeler, David (1927-2004). Elected a Fellow 1951. Computer scientist. Independent,2004-12-22; Times,2004-12-24;
Whitelaw, Viscount (Willie, Whitelaw) of Penrith (1918-1999). Politician. Guardian,1999-07-02; Independent,1999-07-02;
Whiteside, Derek Thomas (1932-2008). Historian of mathematics. Independent,2008-05-03; Guardian,2008-05-05; Times,2008-05-07;
Willink, Charles (1929-2009). Classical Scholar and Teacher. Telegraph,2009-03-16; Times,2009-03-19;
Wingfield, Digby Simon (1910-1998). Politician. Independent,1998-04-06;
Winnington-Ingram, Reginald (1904-1993). Elected a Fellow 1928. Classicist. Independent,1993-01-23;
Winter, John (1911-2002). Sailor. Independent,2002-07-06;
Wright, Martin (1912-2001). Bioengineer. Independent,2001-03-16; Telegraph,2001-03-21; Guardian,2001-03-23;
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