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College Calendar

This calendar lists events associated with Trinity College. Members of College are welcome to add events to it.

25th Dec 201209:30ChapelChristmas Day Eucharist (Chapel).

24th Dec 201215:30ChapelChristmas Eve Crib Service (Chapel).

18th Dec 201217:00ChapelChristingle with CarolsA short and informal family service for everyone in the College community. Explore the meaning of Christmas and get festive.

15th Dec 201219:30MusicConcerti for ChristmasThe Musical and Amicable Society play concerti by Vivaldi, Pisendel, Telemann and C.P.E. Bach.

Tickets £25 (concessions £20) from Selene Webb (Old Post Room, Whewell's Court) or book online (Chapel). .

29th Nov 2012 to 19th May 201219:00MusicSolomon's Knot Baroque Ensemble: A Chamber MessiahSolomon's Knot, directed by Jonathan Sells, perform Handel's Messiah with a tiny orchestra and just eight fabulous singers - several of them former Trinity Choral Scholars. Tickets £25 (concessions £20, students £12) available from Selene Webb (330870 / or book online.

The concert is preceded by a talk by Handel scholar Dr Ruth Smith, in conversation with Jonathan Sells, Julian Forbes and James Halliday. The talk starts at 6.00pm, in the Chapel, and is free to ticket-holders. .

27th Nov 201220:15SocietiesThe Centenary of the Discovery of Cosmic Rays — The End of the Beginning — Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale, 14th Astronomer Royal 2012 marks the Centenary of the remarkable discovery of a penetrating 'radiation' from the Cosmos. The lecture will describe the actual discovery and the wealth of new science that followed it, including the discovery of the new 'elementary' particles. Where do we go from here? Sir Arnold will give his views and will welcome those from the audience.
refreshments from 18:00

25th Nov 201218:15ChapelAdvent Carol Service webcast live from Trinity Chapel This year's Advent Carol Service will be webcast live on the internet. To listen to this and other choral services from Trinity Chapel visit

21st Nov 201217:00Guest SpeakerLees Knowles LecturesProf. Amir Weiner of Stanford University will deliver the Lees Knowles Lectures under the general title of:

‘Total War: The Soviet Union and the Eastern Front in a Comparative Framework’.

Lecture 4: Getting to Know You: Occupation and Information

All welcome. Room 9 Mill Road Lecture Theatre.

21st Nov 201218:30FellowsFellows' Reasearch TalksDear all,

After Krisztina and Michael gave us insights into pockets of Christianity in a Muslim society, and clouds of cold atoms that can be photographed while dissipating, the second evening of this year's Fellows' Research Talks follows suit with an exciting set of speakers. It will take place on Wednesday November 21st from 6.30pm to 7.50pm in the Master's Lodge and our speakers will be:

The Master, Sir Gregory Winter (Biological Studies)


Professor Huw Price (Philosophy)

While the titles of the talks are still to be confirmed, we can expect to hear, how basic biological research can make an effective transition from Bench to Bedside, and an alternative view on the notion of truth, time and the relationship between cause and effect.

Please RSVP to me ( if you are planning to come, or if you have any queries, and those fellows wishing to dine after the talks are kindly requested to sign in by Tuesday November 20th.

I am looking forward to seeing you there,

With my best wishes,


20th Nov 201220:15SocietiesComputer Generated Holography — Towards the Holodeck — Dr Tim WilkinsonThe current displays market has been inundated by '3D' technology, however this is merely an illusion generated by stereoscopic image pairs. A true 3D display will generate the light as seen by the eye from a 3D world, and currently the only way of doing this is with holography. In this talk Dr Wilkinson will discuss the relative merits of both 2D and 3D image generation with holograms and demonstrate both strengths and weaknesses from a technological perspective. He will also highlight some of his latest research into plasmonic holography and metamaterials which may hold the key to unlocking a truly 3D display.
Refreshments from 18:00
(Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

19th Nov 201220:30SocietiesPulling Oneself Up By One’s Bootstraps in Theoretical Physics Prof. Hugh Osborn (DAMTP)
Baron von Munchhausen escaped a swamp by pulling on his bootstraps. Sometimes it may be possible to derive results in physics or other areas from general principles with little apparent input. I will describe how such bootstrap methods were once all the rag,e then fell out of fashion, but may be enjoying a resurgence. (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

18th Nov 201218:15ChapelChoral EvensongPreacher: The Revd Dr Jessica Martin, St Peter's Church, Duxford
God and Israel: The Return

preceded by Organ Recital at 17:40
Anne Page (Cambridge) plays music by Bach (Chapel).

14th Nov 201217:00Guest SpeakerLees Knowles LecturesProf. Amir Weiner of Stanford University will deliver the Lees Knowles Lectures under the general title of:

‘Total War: The Soviet Union and the Eastern Front in a Comparative Framework’.

Lecture 3: Fighting Total War: A View from the Ground

All welcome. Room 9 Mill Road Lecture Theatre.

13th Nov 201220:15Societies From the Nuts and Bolts of Synthetic Biology to Engineering New Genomes — Dr Tom Ellis Synthetic biology seeks to understand and derive value from biology via its re-design and synthesis using engineering principles. Despite its early stage, synthetic biology has already shown great potential to make both scientific breakthroughs and yield applications. Within synthetic biology are emerging areas that include re-wiring of gene regulation for novel cellular functions, new methods for DNA synthesis and assembly, rational DNA part design and the use of mathematical modelling and software tools to inform biological design. The one area of synthetic biology that has had the greatest impact on the public's imagination so far has been genome engineering, via the complete synthesis and operation of a cellular genome in 2010 by Craig Venter and others. While this work provided a landmark moment for the subject, we are still far away from understanding how to rationally go from a set of DNA parts to designer genomes. In this talk Dr Ellis will discuss his lab’s efforts to tie-together parts-based synthetic biology in yeast and genome engineering of yeast towards the end goal of writing custom genomes for specific applications.
Refreshments from 18:00. (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

12th Nov 201220:30AcademicThe Sylvester-Gallai Theorem Prof. Ben Green (DPMMS)
The Sylvester-Gallai Theorem states that, given any set P of n points in the plane, not all on one line, there is a line passing through precisely two of them (and `ordinary line’). I will discuss the history of this theorem and a couple of proofs of it. After that I will hint at some more recent work which establishes that there must in fact be at least n/2 ordinary lines for all sufficiently large enough n. I’ll also discuss some examples of sets with few ordinary lines, which involve some quite interesting constructions involving elliptic curves. The talk will be accessible to Part IA students.
(Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

11th Nov 201210:55ChapelMattins and Act of Remembrance (Chapel).

11th Nov 201218:15ChapelSung RequiemPreacher: The Right Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely
God and Israel: Israel in Exile (Chapel).

7th Nov 201217:00Guest SpeakerLees Knowles LecturesProf. Amir Weiner of Stanford University will deliver the Lees Knowles Lectures under the general title of:

‘Total War: The Soviet Union and the Eastern Front in a Comparative Framework’.

Lecture 2: Envisioning and Preparing for Total War

All welcome. Room 9 Mill Road Lecture Theatre.

6th Nov 201218:15SocietiesEverything from Nothing, or How our Universe was Made — Prof Carlos Frenk Cosmology confronts some of the most fundamental questions in the whole of science. How and when did our universe begin? What is it made of? How did galaxies and other structures form? There has been enormous progress in the past few decades towards answering these questions. For example, recent observations have established that our universe contains an unexpected mix of components: ordinary atoms, exotic dark matter and a new form of energy called dark energy. Gigantic surveys of galaxies reveal how the universe is structured. Large supercomputer simulations recreate the evolution of the universe and provide the means to relate processes occuring near the beginning with observations of the universe today. A coherent picture of cosmic evolution, going back to a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang, is beginning to emerge. However, fundamental issues, like the identity of the dark matter and the nature of the dark energy, remain unresolved.
Refreshments from 18:00. (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

5th Nov 201220:30AcademicFactorization and QFT Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has had to be cancelled.

4th Nov 2012 AcademicScarlet Day

4th Nov 201218:15ChapelChoral EvensongPreacher: The Revd Dr Andrew Macintosh, St John's College, Cambridge
God and Israel: The Pre-exilic Prophets

preceded by Organ Recital at 17:40
Stephen Davies (St George's, Bickely) plays music by Bach (Chapel).

1st Nov 2012 AcademicScarlet Day

1st Nov 201218:15ChapelSung Eucharist for All Saints' Day (Chapel).

31st Oct 201217:00Guest SpeakerLees Knowles LecturesProf. Amir Weiner of Stanford University will deliver the Lees Knowles Lectures under the general title of:

‘Total War: The Soviet Union and the Eastern Front in a Comparative Framework’.

Lecture 1: On the Road to Hell: Sovereignty Reconfigured

All welcome. Room 9 Mill Road Lecture Theatre.

Members of the College are welcome to add events relating to Trinity to this Calendar. To do so, please send an email to as soon as possible in advance of the event with the following information:

  • the date of the event;

  • the time it will take place (or 'all day');

  • the title of the event;

  • very brief details about the event (which may include a website address);

  • your name.

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