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Graduate Student Subsidy Scheme for Occupants of Hostel Rooms without a College Network Connection.

It is not feasible for all hostels to be added to the College network because of their location. Therefore, you will need to make your own arrangements with an Internet service provider (ISP). The College will subsidise the costs incurred as a result.

This subsidy is dependent on actual costs up to a maximum of £75 per year, any costs after that are your responsibility.

It must be stressed that the College is not providing this service, but simply subsidising graduate students living in College hostels without College network connections.

For Trinity remote hostels that already have a computer data point installed in the room, you will still need to activate this data point by making arrangements with an ISP. It will also be necessary to contact the property management contractors of your building (e.g. Bidwells).

Trinity College cannot be held responsible for the terms of any agreement that you have entered into.

Subsidy requests are made by submitting applicable receipts to the College Office – Members Accounts. The subsidised amount will be added to your College bill.

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