Past Birkbeck Lectures

1886W. CunninghamThe conversion of the Germans
1891J.B. MullingerTemporal power of the Papacy: its origins and results
1892J.B. MullingerSchools of theology at Cambridge
1896W. H. HuttonThe Church in the sixth century
1898A.C. HeadlamThe credibility of Early Church history
1900J.N. FiggisPolitical theories and ecclesiastical parties from the Council of Constance to Grotius
1902J.H. OvertonThe Nonjurors
1905W.H. FrereThe history of the religious orders in England
1907T.S. HolmesThe history of the Christian Church in the province of Gaul
1908T.S. HolmesThe Church in Roman Gaul in the fifth century
1909W. CunninghamReligion in England during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
1911G.G. CoultonMonasticism from St. Bernard to the Reformation
1912G.G. CoultonSome aspects of medieval Church art
1913R.L. PooleOutlines of the history of the Papal Chancery
1913W.J. Birkbeck
1920T.R. GloverInheritance and experience in early Christian thought
1921C.H. TurnerThe sources and material of early western canon law
1924J.V. BartlettChurch life and order in the first four centuries
1925A.J. CarlyleThe principles of the relation of Church and State in the Middle Ages
1926A.J. CarlyleThe Papacy and the temporal powers in the thirteenth century
1927-29H.F. StewartJansenist and Jesuit in the seventeenth century
1929-30Z.N. BrookeThe English Church and the Papacy from William I to John
1932-33N. SykesChurch and State in England in the eighteenth century
1934-35A.H. ThompsonThe English Church at the opening of the sixteenth century
1936-37E.F. JacobThe Council of Constance
1938C.H.E. SmythThe origins of the evangelical revival in Cambridge in the eighteenth century
1939N. BaynesByzantine asceticism
1946Prof. DvornikChurch and State in the east
1947E.G. RuppLuther reconsidered
1948W.A. PantinThe English Church in the fourteenth century
1948Canon MoormanThe Grey Friars in Cambridge
1949S.C. NeillIndia and Christianity in the nineteenth century
1951H.O. EvennettThe Counter-Reformation
Prof. DeanesleyThe work of the western clergy as transmitters of the Greco-Roman tradition in early medieval Europe
1953Canon VidlerLamennais, the Church, and the revolution
1954S.L. GreensladeSix early Christian cities of the west
1955Miss Wood-LeghThe Chantry as an institution in medieval Britain
1956W.O. ChadwickThe idea of development: from Bossuet to Newman
1957T.M. ParkerGod, man and politics in later medieval thought
1958G. DonaldsonThe Scottish Reformation
1959D.J. ChittyEgyptian and Palestinian monasticism under the Christian empire
1960Sir Richard SouthernSt Anselm and his friends
1961Prince Dmitri ObolenskyThe Orthodox Church in the medieval Slavonic lands
1962M.C. KnowlesTwo problems in monastic history: Regula Magistri and Carta Caritatis
C.H. TalbotCluniac monasticism: Odo to Peter the Venerable
1963R.W. GreavesPolitics and the Hanoverian Church of England
1965H. ChadwickAthanasius and the Arian controversy
1966Sir Stephen RuncimanThe Church in Constantinople and the Protestant Churches in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
1967G.S.R. Kitson ClarkChurchmen and the social problem: 1835 - 1885
1968W.H.C. FrendThe rise of the monophysite empire: some chapters in the history of the Church in the fifth and sixth centuries
1969W. UllmannThe Carolingian renaissance and the idea of kingship
1970D. HayThe Church in Italy in the fifth century
1971A.G. DickensThe German Reformation
1972D. NewsomePlatonic ideas in English Romantic thought and theology
1973J.N.D. KellyAspects of St Jerome
J.M. Wallace-HadrillThe Franks and the uses of religion
1974B. HallThe rise and fall of Spanish Erasmianism
1976J. McMannersDeath and the Enlightenment: changing attitudes to death in eighteenth century France
1977D.N. NicholThe Church and society in the last centuries of Byzantium
1978M.J. WilksGod's half acre: nationalism and the English Church in the fourteenth century
1979E. NormanThemes in the history of Latin-American Christianity
1981P. CollinsonThe beginnings of non-Conformity: popular Protestantism and religious dissent in sixteenth and seventeenth century England
1983G.V. BennettThe restored Church of England, 1600-1689
1985B. TierneyNatural law and natural rights: languages of discourse, 1150-1350
1987J.D. WalshMethodism attacked: the opposition to popular Evangelicalism in eighteenth century England
1990C.N.L. BrookeReligion and learning in Cambridge, 1860-1960
1993D. BealesLazy monks and philosophic spoilers: European monasteries in the age of revolution
1995J. BossyMoral tradition and Counter-Reformation
1997D. MacCullochReformation as adventure: the England of Edward VI
1999P. LinehanCulture and society in thirteenth-century Castile: the life and times of Archbishop 'Gudiel' of Toledo
2001A. Hastings[ deceased ]
2004R. Carwardine'Shall a Nation be born at once?' Evangelical religion in the construction of the United States, 1776-1865
2005P. CroneCivic religion and rationalist thought: the classical tradition in the near east before and after the rise of Islam
2007E. DuffyInventing the Counter-Reformation
2009J. D. Y. PeelChristianity, Islam, and the Yoruba: World religions in comparison and interaction
2011G. StroumsaScriptures, paideia, and the Religious Revolution of Late Antiquity
2013S. GreenThe rise and fall of the faithful city: Christianisation and dechristianisation in England, 1850-1950
2015B. D. MetcalfIslam in South Asia
2018J. SmithChristianity in Fragments: the Formation of the Cult of Relics, c. 300-800