Past Tarner Lectures

YearTitleGiven by
2012The ideals of inquiry: an ancient historyProf. Sir Geoffrey Lloyd
2010”When the stars threw down their spears”: Histories of Astronomy and EmpireProfessor S. Schaffer
2006Images, Objects, and the Scientific SelfProfessor P. Galison
2000Footsteps to eternity: the implications of evolutionProfessor S. Conway Morris
1996Constructing geohistory in the age of revolutionProfessor M. Rudwick
1994From physics to metaphysicsProfessor M. Redhead
1991Kinds of people and kinds of thingsProfessor I. Hacking
1988Matter, life, evolutionSir Andrew Huxley
1985Origins of lifeProfessor J.F. Dyson
1982Socio-biology and comparative social theoryProfessor E.O. Wilson
1978Models of rationalityProfessor M. Black
1975Grammar, logic, and arithmeticProfessor W. Kneale
1965Assumption and myth in physical theoryProfessor H. Bondi
1962The concept of timeMr H.A.C. Dobbs
1960The A sciences and the B sciencesProfessor C.F.A. Pantin
1956The physical basis of consciousnessProfessor E. Schrödinger (read by Professor J. Wisdom)
1953Cross purposes between theoriesProfessor G. Ryle
1949Biology and languageProfessor Woodger
1947The concepts of physicsSir Edmund Whittaker
1946Laws of nature, probability, and scientific explanationMr R.B. Braithwaite