Past Tarner Lectures

1919Dr A.N. Whitehead
1923Dr C.D. BroadThe border-line between physics and psychology
1926Hon. Bertrand RussellThe analysis of matter
1929Mr G.E. MooreKnowledge direct and indirect
1931Dr TennantThe relations between the different departments of knowledge
1935Mr A.D. RitchieThe natural history of mind
1938Sir Arthur EddingtonThe philosophy of physical science
1941Dr C.A. MaceCausality and mind
1946Mr R.B. BraithwaiteLaws of nature, probability, and scientific explanation
1947Sir Edmund WhittakerThe concepts of physics
1949Professor WoodgerBiology and language
1953Professor G. RyleCross purposes between theories
1956Professor E. Schrödinger (read by Professor J. Wisdom)The physical basis of consciousness
1960Professor C.F.A. PantinThe A sciences and the B sciences
1962Mr H.A.C. DobbsThe concept of time
1965Professor H. BondiAssumption and myth in physical theory
1967Professor G.H. von Wright
1970Dr G. Buchdahl
1975Professor W. KnealeGrammar, logic, and arithmetic
1978Professor M. BlackModels of rationality
1982Professor E.O. WilsonSocio-biology and comparative social theory
1985Professor J.F. DysonOrigins of life
1988Sir Andrew HuxleyMatter, life, evolution
1991Professor I. HackingKinds of people and kinds of things
1994Professor M. RedheadFrom physics to metaphysics
1996Professor M. RudwickConstructing geohistory in the age of revolution
2000Professor S. Conway MorrisFootsteps to eternity: the implications of evolution
2006Professor P. GalisonImages, Objects, and the Scientific Self
2012Sir Geoffrey LloydThe Ideals of Inquiry:
An Ancient History