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In order to help our students to think critically and prepare themselves for their futures beyond Trinity, we are seeking alumni who would be willing to mentor a current Trinity student for our upcoming Mentoring Month.

Details on how the Mentoring Month is structured and the level of commitment required can be found below.

Registrations have now closed. We are in the process of matching. Matches will be announced on 26 February. 

Why are you holding a Mentoring Month?

As you all know, leaving College and heading out into the ‘real world’ is a huge moment of transition for students. Now, more than ever, the networks and advice of others really matter and can be of great benefit in helping new graduates to navigate this. We know that a wide variety of skills and experience exists within our alumni community, and we hope to be able to draw upon this wealth of knowledge in this mentoring programme.

What is your role as a mentor?

Within the mentor/mentee relationship, effective mentors will:

  • establish the ground rules and expectations of the mentoring arrangement
  • maintain confidentiality
  • create a supportive environment and build rapport
  • listen actively
  • question effectively
  • offer constructive feedback
  • share experiences and provide advice
March 2023 Feedback
What would you like to tell a Mentor thinking of applying to the March Mentoring programme?
How do I register and get matched with a student?

In the lead up to Mentoring Month, Mentors should sign up via the registration form (released early February). Once accepted onto the programme, we will send everyone an individualised link to create a profile via our bespoke e-networking platform Trinity Connect (formerly known as Trinity Members Online). If you already have a profile, please indicate this on the form. Once you are logged in, you will automatically be enrolled in the Mentoring Month 2024 programme (which can be found under “Make a Connection”) and you will also be placed in a networking group for this year’s mentors (found under “Groups”).

We will then be in contact on 26 February to announce your match, after which you will be able to get in touch with your mentee via the chat function on Trinity Connect.

Students will be asked to fill in a registration form detailing their interests, aspirations, industry and what they hope to gain from Mentoring Month. We will then match students with the most relevant volunteer, in collaboration with the Tutorial Office.

Once accepted to the programme, we ask that mentors and mentees agree to a minimum of three contact points over the course of the mentoring month (for example, introduction/goal-setting, progress discussion, closing review). These engagements can be a combination of telephone, email, or video (preferably via Trinity Connect, but Zoom/Teams is also an option). It is intended that the mentee would be responsible for organising these meetings.

We will also be hosting an online launch event on Thursday 29 February at 7pm, where you will be able to meet your match and outline the month ahead.

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