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As part of our aim to engage more fully with our members and provide opportunities for networking, Trinity has established professional associations for members engaged in various careers or professions. Students are encouraged to attend some association events where networking or mentoring takes place with alumni, and heavily subsidised tickets are available for students on such occasions. Please click on the links below to register for associations. Details about Association events can be found on the Alumni Events Calendar.

Trinity in Cambridge – coming summer 2024!

To keep alumni in the Cambridgeshire region connected to the College and to one another, the Alumni Office is establishing a Trinity in Cambridge group over the coming weeks. We want to create an informal and dynamic group that works for alumni of all ages and interests, so we want to hear from you about the types of events and activities you would like to be involved with. All ideas are welcome!

If you are interested in joining the group, please email us with your thoughts and suggestions and we will add you to the mailing list. We will share updates as plans develop – keep an eye on future newsletters for the latest news.

Trinity in the Arts and Media Association (TAMA)

TAMA (Trinity Arts & Media Association) exists to invite members of Trinity in these fields (very broadly defined) to join a framework which benefits the networking interests of its members; support mentoring activities among current members of the College; provide a forum for discussion of further ways to promote the media and arts at Trinity and among former members of the College; and to stimulate a wider recognition of what Trinity brings to the creative and artistic life of the country.

Trinity Business & City Association (TBCA)

The purpose of the TBCA (Trinity Business & City Association) is to facilitate contacts and networking between members, particularly between those of different generations, and to encourage alumni to re-engage with the College. The TBCA is open to any Trinity member who works within the business and city community.

Trinity College Choir Association (TCCA)

The TCCA’s membership is constituted from all former and current members of Trinity College Choir, and College clergy and others closely associated with the Choir. If you believe that you should be receiving communications from the TCCA, or would like to rejoin the Association, please get in touch at and let us know your matriculation year, years you were involved with the Choir, and voice type (if applicable).

First and Third Trinity Boat Club Association

The First and Third Trinity Boat Club Association brings together all former members of the First and Third Trinity Boat Club. The Association holds a Dinner biennially, as well as regular meet ups at Henley Regatta and to support the current First and Third crews.

Trinity Engineers’ Association (TEA)

The Trinity Engineers’ Association (TEA) brings together alumni, students and Fellows on a regular basis and is open to any Trinity College (Cambridge, UK) member who has read engineering or currently works or has worked in engineering. As part of its activities, TEA has established a mentorship programme to foster closer ties between alumni and students and bring the benefits of experience in real world engineering to the next generation of Trinity Engineers. While informal, the programme will hopefully become a key part of the broader education of engineering students at Cambridge.

Trinity Law Association (TLA)

The purpose of the Trinity Law Association (TLA) is to facilitate contacts and networking between members, particularly between those of different generations, and to encourage alumni to re-engage with the College. It is hoped that members will be able to help current students and new graduates seeking a ‘Law’ career by providing information, introductions and mentoring programmes. In addition, the TLA organises events involving distinguished Trinity alumni throughout the year.

Trinity Medics’ Association (TMA)

The TMA (Trinity Medics’ Association) was founded in 2009 as a means of bringing together alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge, who either studied medical sciences at the College or went on to contribute to the medical sciences during their careers. Currently with more than 540 members, we aim to provide opportunities for Trinity Medics alumni to refresh their ties to each other and the College through a range of social events.

Trinity Women’s Network (TWN)

The Trinity Women’s Network (TWN) looks to provide an inclusive forum with events open to all alumni and members of College, male and female, and aims to complement existing alumni networks. The idea is to assist and inspire current female undergraduates and postgraduates in their chosen studies and careers, and to support Trinity alumnae through networking and events. Conversations about women in the work place and gender equity must happen with both sexes at the table and we encourage men to attend all events. We are grateful for ideas and volunteers, regardless of gender.

If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a member of the Trinity Women’s Network, please contact the Alumni Office. You can also join in the discussion with more than 100 members on our Trinity Women’s Network Facebook page.

Regional International Alumni Groups

Our regional groups are always delighted to welcome new members so if you would like to join, please get in touch with the relevant contact.

If you are interested in establishing a new group in your area, please read the How to start an international alumni group page.


Trinity Alumni in China

Please contact Alan Babington-Smith (, and Dr Yang Xia (2003), (, for more information. more information. 

Trinity in Hong Kong

Trinity in Hong Kong welcomes current members and alumni of Trinity College. Founded in 2018 by Tzo Tze Ang (1997), Dominic Chan (1988) and Jessie Zhang (2001), the association has been established to enable alumni in the region to get together regularly, and to encourage networking. Please contact Trinity in Hong Kong at and visit their Trinity in Hong Kong Facebook page

Trinity in Japan

Trinity in Japan is a club for the exchange of ideas and discussions open to current members and alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge. Founded in 2014 the committee is made up of Gerhard Fasol (1978); Chair, and Anthony Millington (1964). To contact the Society please email or Please visit for the latest news and upcoming events from Trinity in Japan.

Trinity in New York

Trinity in New York (TCNY) aims to bring together alumni based in the broader tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), as well as alumni who might be travelling through New York, via regular social events, both physical and virtual, and visits from Trinity Fellows. If you wish to join the group please complete the registration form by clicking on the ‘Join TCNY’ link below. If you have ideas for events and initiatives the Committee, led by Christos Koutsoyannis (1998), would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch with the Alumni Office:

Trinity Year Groups


All members of the College who matriculated in 1965 are invited to join this group. Its aim is to keep members connected to each other and to Trinity. It is hoped that more Year Groups will be constituted soon.

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