Initial Network Setup Guide

In order to connect to the Trinity network from your room you will need to make sure of the following:

Computer Network Settings

You will need to make sure your computer is configured to accept IP addresses via DHCP. Instructions on how to check or enable this may differ per device.

Network cable (for wired student and Fellows connections)

If you are a current Student or Fellow and do not already have a network cable (UTP RJ45), you can pick one up from the IT Office in Bishops Hostel. For students this is available during the drop-in hour, typically 14:00-15:00.

Instructions Connecting to the Wireless and Wired Network

Full instructions for connecting to the Trinity network for your area can be found here:
Trin-Wifi and Trin-Guest

Freshers Handout

This document sets out the information regarding account details and network connection that freshers will require when they arrive at Trinity.