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From Dame Sally Davies

Trinity takes the physical and mental health of the College community seriously. Every student, Fellow and member of staff has a role to play in this regard. I am proud of how community handled the challenges we faced last year.

We are all embarking on a new journey this academic year – it’s going to be different for everyone, not only Freshers, and I hope you will travel with everyone in our College to ensure we have the best possible 2021-2022.

Photo by Graham CopeKoga
Professor Dame Sally Davies. Photo: Graham CopeKoga

As you know, most government restrictions relating to the pandemic no longer apply – but COVID has not gone away, as the latest government data reminds us. The College keeps abreast of the public health situation and government guidance, and has to put in place appropriate control measures. We will adapt our policies as necessary.

Sensible precautions help reduce the chances of infection, including for those people more vulnerable and susceptible than others. Given that airborne inhalation is major vector of COVID infection, we ask all members of the College community to wear a face covering in indoor spaces and to ventilate rooms in group settings by opening windows.

Rest assured, the College continues to provide for the various needs of the Trinity community, whether that is mental health support, key information and advice, extra spaces to study and socialise, or simply a listening ear.

The College has to balance our imperative to reduce COVID risks with our aim of providing the best educational experience for students alongside the best environment possible in the circumstances for those who live and work here.

In Trinity every member of our community contributes to this endeavor. I look forward to welcoming you to the new academic year, as we look forward to the better things to come.


General information for students, Fellows and staff

Here you can find the latest information for students, staff and Fellows about how Trinity is working to reduce the risk of COVID infection. Please be considerate of others and enable those who wish or need to reduce close contact, maintain social distance, and wear face coverings in all settings.

The links provide more detailed information.

Given the circumstances, College policies may change and you are advised to check this website regularly.


All members of College and staff are strongly advised to get vaccinated. The vaccine is the best way to protect yourselves, your families and others from infection and serious illness.

Students can find more information from the University about vaccinations.

Face coverings

Please carry a face covering with you at all times. In communal indoor areas and marquees with the sides down, everyone is asked to wear a face covering.

Students do not have to wear face covering in their households (unless the household is in isolation/quarantine, or a member of staff is carrying out their duties.)

Staff can decide with their colleagues whether to wear face coverings in shared offices.


In indoor settings, particularly small meeting rooms, it is important to keep some windows open to allow fresh air to circulate. The Nevile’s Court Cloister will be available throughout the term.

Perspex screens & one-way routes

Screens remain in place in key areas of College including the Porters’ Lodge. The one-way system through the Servery remains, with hand sanitizer on arrival. Please follow the signs and avoid doubling back.

The COVID helpdesk

All students, Fellows or members of staff should email the COVID helpdesk [email protected] if you:

  • have any COVID symptoms
  • have been asked to get a COVID test
  • have test results (positive or negative)
  • are contacted by NHS test and trace.
Asymptomatic testing for students

The College strongly advises students to participate in the University’s Asymptomatic Testing Programme, which is designed to reduce the spread of COVID infection.

Trinity will provide tests for each student every Tuesday; tests are pooled by households. The University provides full information about the Asymptomatic Testing Programme.

Self-isolation & exemption information for students

Students can find out about self-isolation, eligibility for exemption and how to register your exemption via the Self-Isolation Exemption Registration. 

Support for students, staff and Fellows

Any member of College of staff member who is concerned or anxious about COVID and its impacts can seek advice and help.

If you are a member of staff, please contact your line manager/Head of Department in the first instance. A range of support is provided for staff via Lifeworks.

Students can talk to their Tutors, or book an appointment with the Mental Health & Wellbeing Advisor or the College Counsellor. For more information, please see Student Welfare at Trinity.

The Chaplains are available for all members of College: [email protected] or [email protected]

Students can find full details of Trinity’s COVID policies and procedures on the Student Hub.

Information for visitors

Please note that the College is closed to members of the public and alumni of other Colleges are not able to visit Trinity at this time.

Guests of Trinity students, staff and Fellows, as well as Trinity alumni, are permitted to visit the College. For full details please Trinity College Visitor Policy.

Punt visitors

GHL’s chauffeured punts are available for the public. Self-punting is for Trinity members only. The punts are accessed via the Brewhouse Gate on Trinity Lane.

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