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Applications accepted from 25 June 2024 

Please note that you must complete these four steps before your application can be considered.

  1. Register: enter your personal and academic details
  2. Submit supporting documents
  3. Arrange for your research supervisor to submit a reference
  4. Arrange for two further references from testimonial referees (other than your research supervisor)

The deadline for submitting your application in full is 23.59 (11:59pm) UK time, on Thursday 29 August 2024.

2025 JRF Application

Applications accepted from late June 2024

Step 1: Registration

You will be asked for your personal and academic details and for the names and contact details for your dissertation supervisor and two testimonial referees. You will also be asked to confirm your eligibility and to give information on your research.  Please check that you are eligible to apply by reading the eligibility notes within the Further Particulars.

Step 2: Submission of supporting documents

You will be asked to upload the following documents in pdf format:

  • A curriculum vitae, including a list of publications (if any) and a full account of post-school education (with results e.g. class of degree) and employment (excluding vacation jobs). The last part of the curriculum vitae must include a statement (in about 1,000 words) of your current research and the scope of the dissertation that you intend to submit should you be short-listed.
  • A sample of your work, with an explanation of its place in your current and projected research work. A sample of work could be a chapter from your dissertation, or published article or articles, up to about 10,000 words. If you wish to submit more than one article, they should be merged into one file. This sample is intended show the intellectual qualities of your work. You should avoid submitting, for instance, an introductory chapter of a dissertation which is mainly a survey of previous work or an announcement of your ideas in general terms. You are welcome to add a short explanation of how the piece or pieces you are submitting fit into the plan of your dissertation as a whole.

Please note that your application and the work submitted for shortlisting must be in English.

Step 3: Reference from your Research Supervisor

You must ensure that your Research Supervisor provides a reference, which includes the information requested. Please send your supervisor, in good time, the link to the on-line Notes for Research Supervisors.

Step 4: Testimonial references from two referees, other than your Research Supervisor (Step 3)

It is essential that your testimonial referees understand the nature of the competition, so please send them, in good time, the link to the on-line Notes for Testimonial Referees.

Please make it clear to the Research Supervisor and Testimonial Referees what is required and encourage them to submit their references as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that their application is complete by the deadline. Please allow for unexpected computer or network problems and submit your material in good time to allow for this. No late applications will be accepted. An application is not complete until all parts of the application have been submitted. Please note that it is not necessary for applicants to establish the availability of laboratory spaces before applying.

No documents submitted, other than those requested above, will be taken into account. Receipt of application will be acknowledged by e-mail.

A short-list of candidates will be drawn up in the week beginning 30 September 2024. Only those placed on the short-list will be invited to submit a dissertation and a 2,000 word summary, for which the deadline is noon on Thursday 31 October 2024.

Further information about this part of the competition may be found under Shortlisting and Election.

For information about the use of personal information provided for your application, please see the College’s Data protection statement for Job Applicants

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