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Students savour rainbow Pride sorbets

Trinity students celebrated the College’s LGBTQ+ community with a rainbow of sorbets specially crafted by Cambridge ice cream phenomenon Jack’s Gelato.

Yesterday his dazzling ices the colour of the Pride flag didn’t disappoint. Guests chose from raspberry, alphonso mango, passion fruit, matcha, blueberry and yuzu beet, served by Jack and an assistant from a vintage fridge tricycle.

The fine weather might also have prompted students to join the queue in Great Court to savour a sorbet, soak up some sun and celebrate the end – or nearly the end – of exams in the COVID year.

‘It is definitely a sweet refrain for people at the end or in between exams,’ said Scott, who is studying Japanese.

The queue was long but it was worth the wait,’ said second year Medical student, Serena, who added, ‘It’s good for my health.’

Students in Great Court. © Martin Bond

Jack’s Gelato is renowned for its unusual flavours, small-batch approach and natural ingredients. Jack began making lemon ice cream with his mother aged five.

‘We didn’t have an ice cream machine so we had to put it in a box, then the freezer, then take it out and mix it, and put it back in and I just got enchanted by the process,’ he said.

In Great Court some savoured their ices on the sun-baked fountain steps, others in the shade of the Master’s Lodge.

Keeping to the shade © Martin Bond

While Tayla Hardy has been elected LGBTQ+ Officer of TCSU, the BA Society is still seeking an officer to represent the graduate community.

Outgoing LGBTQ+ Officer of the BA Society, Radu Nicolescu, thanked everyone for coming and those who made the event possible.

It’s very important to have someone who makes the community visible, who fights for our rights and campaigns for events such as formals and gardens parties which are essential for community to come together. And it is important to have someone people can go to if they have problems.

Trinity’s LGBTQ+ Liaison Fellow, Dr Anna-Maria Hartmann, said it was a joyous occasion.

So many have come to celebrate the diversity of our College community! In the past 12 months it was easy to feel like a lone ship in the sea sometimes. I thought that eating ice cream together in the sunshine would do us all the world of good.

I also hope this event helps to make students aware of their LGBT reps in TCSU, BA Society and the Fellows.

© Martin Bond

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