Data Protection Notices

An important aspect of complying with data protection legislation is being open and transparent with individuals about how their personal data will be used by the College.

The supply of this information – through documents available below and on The College’s core privacy notices  available in the College’s publication scheme.

Data Collected by the type of person you are

The College collects personal data in numerous targeted ways depending on the context of the interaction with the individual and the relationship of the individual with the College. For each of these relationships, specific data  privacy notices will be made available.

  • Pre applicants (students and staff)
  • Appicants (students and staff)
  • Students
  • Alumni and supporters
  • Fellows
  • College Staff
  • Conference organisers and guests
  • General visitors
  • Commercial Tennants
  • College Companies
  • Chapel attendees or users
  • Children

Data Collected by forms on this site

Specific notices which relate to the how this website’s webforms collect, store, process and secure your protected data cen be found below. Please be aware that this page is currently under curation and so more notices will be added as they are available.

Forms belonging to the IT Department


Forms belonging to the Alumni Department


Forms belonging to the Tutorial Department