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It is impossible to convey, in a few webpages, what it’s like to study law at Cambridge and at Trinity. If possible, we recommend that you explore some of the many events, activities and resources designed to convey more of the experience, so that you can make the right decisions about what path to pursue at university.

Trinity Events

Law Residential

Trinity’s eight Law Residential took place in July 2019.  The College now offers different subject residential programmes in each year; one or more Law Taster Days are offered in years when there is no subject-specific Law Residential.  Interested students may wish to apply to the Humanities Residential, which takes place every year; for more information, see the Residential Visits page.

When I attended the Law Residential, I really didn’t know what to expect. Meeting the Fellows (who turned out to be much friendlier and more approachable than I had imagined) and students, and getting a taste of what studying law might be like, was really exciting – it made Cambridge seem like somewhere I could imagine myself studying in future! – Elizabeth

Robert Walker prize for essays in Law

The annual Robert Walker Prize for Essays in Law, named after The Rt Hon. The Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe PC (Law Lord 2002-2009 and Justice of the Supreme Court 2009-2013), offers students in year 12 (or equivalent) an opportunity to develop their interest in law by preparing an essay on a matter of topical legal interest selected by the Trinity Law Fellows.

Trinity Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Open Day

At Trinity’s annual open day for the arts, humanities and social sciences, one of the law Fellows normally offers a lecture, masterclass or drop-in question-and-answer session. To read more about what happens at an open day and to find out when the next one takes places, see the College’s Open Days page.

HE+ Project

Trinity is one of the colleges that collaborates in the HE+ project with the University. Through this project, we work with Year 12 students in participating states schools and colleges in Hampshire. One of the Trinity Law Fellows normally delivers a masterclass as part of the programme. To read more about HE+, see the University’s HE+ page and the project webpage for law.

University/Faculty events and resources

University and Faculty websites

For more information about studying law at Cambridge, see University’s Law course page, the Faculty of Law website and, in particular, its Prospective students page and BA Law Tripos site. A guide for prospective undergraduate law students is also available in the form of the Faculty’s undergraduate prospectus. You may be interested to read the Faculty’s admissions and student experience blog, Think Cambridge Law, or to follow the Faculty on Twitter.

Faculty of Law Open Days

The Faculty of Law holds an open day in late June or early July, which includes sessions on legal problems, applying to Cambridge and the students’ view of studying here. For more information, and to watch videos of many of the sessions from the most recent open day, see the BA Law Tripos site’s Finding out more page.

University Open Days

For information about general University open days, see the Cambridge Open Days website. Trinity College is open to visitors in conjunction with the University open days, and one of the Law Fellows normally offers a drop-in question-and-answer session for interested students and parents.

‘A day in the life of a Cambridge Law student’

The Law Faculty has published a short video, following three first-year undergraduate law students’ over the course of a typical day.

Cambridge Sixth Form Law conference

The Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference offers a residential programme including lectures, workshops and tours, to give Year 12 students insight into studying and practising law. For more information, see the Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference website.

Oxford & Cambridge student conferences

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge offer a series of large-scale joint conferences, held around the UK in March or April, for Year 12 students and their teachers. The programme includes a session on law, with representatives from one or both Faculties. For more information, see the Oxford & Cambridge Student Conferences website.

Cambridge Sutton Trust Summer Schools and Experience Cambridge

The Faculty of Law hosts a one-week Cambridge Sutton Trust Summer School each year, offering students the chance to attend taster lectures and supervisions, undertake a research project and participate in a mock trial, as well as to meet students and members of the Faculty. For more information, see the University’s Sutton Trust Summer Schools page and the Sutton Trust UK Summer Schools website.

The Experience Cambridge initiative offers two day-long visits to Cambridge, including subject sessions to explore teaching and studying in law, for students who were not selected for the Cambridge Sutton Trust Summer Schools, which are heavily oversubscribed.

Other events and resources

Cambridge University Student Union alternative prospectus

To read material about law at Cambridge written and compiled by current and recent undergraduates, see the CUSU Alternative Prospectus.

Cambridge University Student Union Shadowing Scheme

The CUSU Shadowing Scheme offers students from UK schools whose students have not traditionally applied to Cambridge the opportunity to spend three days shadowing a current student. For more information, see the CUSU Shadowing Scheme website.

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