Reconnecting alumni and raising funds

Trinity’s 2017 Telethon is underway with 16 student callers speaking to hundreds of alumni over the next two weeks. The Telethon is a key element of Trinity’s Annual Fund, which enables the College to continue to attract and support bright students from a broad range of backgrounds, while maintaining its unrivalled quality of teaching and research.

Telethon-ers at work

Annual Fund Officer Dr Andrew Bednarski said: ‘The Telethon campaign is a great way for alumni to reconnect with the College and for current students to connect with alumni. Many of the students who take part in our phone campaign do so because they are keen to ‘give back’ to the College, in appreciation for the support they’ve received during their studies here.’

Charlene Tang

Not only does the Telethon help raise funds, but it also allows students and alumni to compare notes on College life and new developments at Trinity. One of the students taking part this year is Charlene Tang, in the first year of studying Natural Sciences, who wants more school pupils to participate in Trinity’s expanding Access and Outreach programme.


She said: ‘I would never have considered studying at Trinity were it not for a Biological Sciences Residential I attended here in year 12, which broke down my preconceptions about Trinity life, and encouraged me to set my ambitions high.’

Contributing to the Annual Fund would help all constituencies of College, Charlene said. ‘I hope to develop the funds from which College members with research projects can draw, including undergraduates, postgraduates and Fellows. This is particularly important to me as a first year Natural Scientist intending to pursue a PhD and career in research in the current economic climate.’

And taking part in the Telethon is not only about helping secure donations, says Charlene.

I hope to develop my communication and networking skills and gain a whole new insight into the opportunities after graduation. Learning about the paths of previous students is hugely inspiring. Current students benefit greatly from alumni contributions to Trinity life, from real-world, career insights, to the support of means-tested Trinity Bursaries provided by the Annual Fund.







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