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Succession: Jennifer Ocran

Jennifer Ocran

Third-year Languages student

Undeniably beautiful as it is, Trinity remains one of the most conservative Colleges in Cambridge, which meant that blackness was hardly welcomed when my best friend Wanipa and I joined. We made a space for ourselves here but it wasn’t easy. She established herself as a force to be reckoned with as President of ACS. But as a proudly queer black woman, I had to carve out another space for myself outside of College through FUSE, as the LGBTQ+ group in Trinity was entirely white and sadly unaware of its exclusionary nature.

There are people who want to make College a better place for us, there are students who engage with the discourse but there are very many who don’t and won’t. Through this I have learned the importance of taking up space and doing so unapologetically. I am honoured to have been part of this historic College during such transformative times and I look forward to seeing what it will become.

Photograph: © Aubrey Wade

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